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Moderation of the TranslationTool

Who is moderator?

Actually all of the users of the TranslationTool can moderate: At the moment you don't need any account or password to post hints to help others, to edit postings or to change the status of a request. Only if you want to remove a request or mark it as trash you need a password. For this text we will use the word "user" for all users and the word "moderator" for all users with a moderator password.

What do moderators do?

Where do the Moderators act?

Moderation actions

  • Moderation actions can be:
    • Add language codes according to the wishes of the requestors
    • Add english keywords according to the subject or region of the requested article (e.g. 'Argentine')
    • Switch the status of an article according to the phase of the translation process (eg. from "to do" to "done") This is done whenever someone adds a translation or a coment like (I'll do it, Done, Partly done, for revision)
    • Post hints on how to use the TranslationTool, following posted help requests
    • Remove double postings (moderators only)
    • Remove spam or mark as trash (moderators only)
    • Give some requests a more prominent position in the chronological list by adapting the date of the request (moderators only)
    • Translate or edit phrases of the user interface (see Internationalisation)

Criticise moderator actions

  • If you want to criticise moderator decisions contact the moderators by
    • writing an email to translation at lists dOt indymedia d0t org
    • looking for moderators in the irc channel #translationtool on irc.indymedia.org
    • posting comments below the corresponding request

Screen shots

  • The Admin page (used by mods and admins)


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