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Please feel free to edit the Bug list for the TranslationTool !

Report Bugs and To Do List for the web interface

Report bugs, navigation or layout problems you detect while using the TranslationTool

To do

  • GUI: Help text on title field (when posting) proposes different examples for input, depending on whether you post a comment or a request Done

  • Layout: Adjust the font of the news pages (Times) to the font used in the rest of the tool (Verdana, Arial, sans serif). Which file? I had a look at news/index and nothing is in Times there.

  • As suggested by Libby, add a link on the global wiki page to a nice wiki page for the TT
    • Any ideas for what could / should be inside this wiki page? Done with link to TranslationToolDoc

  • RSS: The RSSfeeds are much too long (> 100 items) -> reduced to max. 10 items

  • Documentation: The Help-Links on the startpage should point directly to the corresponding, language specific sections of the documentation. At the moment they point allways to the english docs. Create a msgstr "lHelpURL" and fill in the language specific URLS. Done (pls check msgstr lHelpURL, lHelpURLSearch and lHelpURLPost)

  • New Feature: Add a new section or find any other technical solution so that the 2 months deadline does not apply for the requests that should stay live longer than 2 months (like tech requests about software internationalisation, translation of whole manuals, etc.) => meanwhile the deadline was set to 4 months (Needs to be stated in posting_form and user guidelines -> Done). moved to TranslationToolSuggestedFeatures

  • Navigation + GUI-Translation: The Search Button for News has the title "Search in translations" -> create new msgstr and fill with "Search in News". New string is "linkTitleSearchNews". Where is the Search Button for News? I can't find it wink + translations needed

  • GUI-Translation: News search form is in German (and impossible to find stick out tongue ) Part is done Is this form abandonned? cf. link "Help"

  • GUI-Translation: page "Printing" needs to be checked as well.

  • GUI: we need to rewrite the help text for topic/lgg to make it clear that ppl should indicate the target lgg they want (seems obvious enough, but many ppl still forget it)

  • Layout: We need more css classes. The blue links in the News abstracts are too bold.

  • Navigation: Back-links still present on some pages -> remove them

  • Check the error message that appears after the news publishing form when not all required fields are filled + maybe add a few explanations about the content of those mandatory fields


  • New admin page for moderators and admins. Pull together all admin tasks from Backup to Moderation DONE

  • Layout: delete the date/time info on the article pages Done

  • Navigation: where are the local-imc names in the rss-feed of global imc? -> add again! Done*

  • GUI-Translation: On the pages that follow a posting, strings need to be created/translated: "en: You have to fill in title, author, topic/language and description. / de: Es m\xFCssen Titel, Autor, Thema/Sprache und Kurzbeschreibung eingegeben werden!". New string is "lMissingFields" and needs to be translated. Partly Done (en, de, fr, es, it turkish + dutch missing)

  • GUI-Translation: The same for "your reply has been posted". new string is "lReplyPosted" and needs to be translated. Partly Done (en, de, fr, es, it turkish + dutch missing)

  • GUI-Translation: idem "An e-mail address has to be given for notification!". New string is "lMissingEmail" and needs to be translated. Partly Done (en, de, fr, es, it turkish + dutch missing)

  • GUI-Translation: idem "You have to fill in title, author and body". New string is "lMissingFieldsComment" and needs to be translated. Partly Done (en, de, fr, es, it turkish + dutch missing)

  • Layout: Comments are indented (within a bullet list structure) but this should not be done for the grey-colored row at the end of the html-page Done

  • Navigation: Link "Comment" under the translation requests should be replaced by "Add a translation or a comment". Done new string is "linkTranslationOrComment" +translations needed

  • Layout: Change the color of the links to something more obvious (classical blue?) orange? *Done* but your suggestions are still welcome!

  • GUI-Translation: The title of the window when previsualising a post is "imc germanyTranslation Tool" > "Indymedia Translation Tool"? Done

  • GUI-Translation: The title of the window when posting a news is "Translation Tool: Uebersetzungs-News" > "Translation Tool: Translation news"? Done
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