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The translation work in the indymedia network has been organized for a long time with dozens of language specific mailing lists. These lists are still active and important for translations work. The TranslationTool allows to send automatic notifications to these language specific lists (or to any other email address) for every posting on

Filter the postings

On the TranslationTool people post translation requests to a large range of topics, source- or target languages. You'll probably want to filter them so you only will be notified by requests that are relevant to you. The filter mechanism is based on individual regular-expression-patterns for each subscription.

Example for the filter of the www-de list:

  search in topic/language field (dept)
  send mail with translation requests in German 
  source ([de: source]) 
  target ([de: todo][de: done][de: Illdo][de: rev]) 
<dtml-unless "searchStr1(dept, '\[\s*de\s*:\s*(source|todo|Illdo|rev|done)\s*\]')== None">www-de at, </dtml-unless>

The last line contains the filter expression: a regular expression pattern. It says: look in the topic/language field of a new translation-request and see if there is a string like '[de: source]' (for the source language being German) or '[de: todo]', '[de: done]', '[de: Illdo]', '[de: rev]' (for the target language being German).

The TranslationTool can also look for special topic keywords or for different source or target languages or it can send emails to different addresses. The regualar expression logic is very flexible:

Example for different source languages (English and German):

<dtml-unless "searchStr1(dept, '\[\s*(de|en)\s*:\s*(source|todo|Illdo|rev|done)\s*\]')== None">www-de at, </dtml-unless>

Example for only "to do" requests in German:

<dtml-unless "searchStr1(dept, '\[\s*de\s*:\s*todo\s*\]')== None">www-de at, </dtml-unless>

Example for only "to do" requests in German, sent to www-de and www-at:

<dtml-unless "searchStr1(dept, '\[\s*de\s*:\s*todo\s*\]')== None">www-de at, www-at at, </dtml-unless>

It is clear, that the logic depends on what the people enter in the topic/language field. If they don't use the correct syntax, no notificatin will take place. But some syntax variations are recognized: e.g. spacees don't play a significant role.

Subscription of mailinglists

You can subscribe a mailinglist to get notifications from the TranslationTool. Some mailinglists like www-de, imc-be-translation and www-pt already get these notifications. Therefore individuals are asked to first subscribe to their language specific mailinglist or discuss on their mailinglist if they want to recieve these notifications.

Indymedia mailinglists are normally moderated. Only subscribed users can send mails to a list without being kept in the moderation queue. If you trust the automatic notification mechanism of the translation tool, you can ask you list admin to allow thes notifications immediately. Otherwise, every notification will be kept in the moderation queue until the list moderator forwards them to the list.

How to subscribe?

Ask to be added with an email address of your choice to the subscription list of the TranslationTool on translations at noSPAM list dot indymedia dot org or in chan #translationtool on

There is no automatic subscription form since every subscriber has special wishes for filtering the postings s/he wants to get
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