I found this summary on the old moinmoin wiki. As evan's summary from 28 May, TechSummary28May02, covers most of it, I thought I would just include it (without a date) in case people wanted to reference it for anything.


let's make it an imc-tech summary since we haven't had one for a while. there reason why we didn't have it is that it was done by on person for a long time. so here's your chance to share this task. the logic is simple: everyone fills the bit he is doing.

That way we might have regular summaries since it takes a little time for everyone, instead of huge work for one individual = sustainability.

(note: please keep it in this format e.g. no wiki tags , since this will be sent as an email in few days)


  • Tech FAQ update
  • state of todo
  • database migrate status
  • multiplacer status
  • serverwatch proposal
  • project tracking
  • Future code on Stallman
  • Global IMC Keyserver Network
  • secure/SSL IRC

* imc-tech FAQ (toni)

* state of todo (kellan)
running- developing usage guidelines

* database migrate status (matze/micah)
all databases migrated to inglis stallman pg shut down need to update pg tools on stallman for accessing inglis

* multiplacer status (toni)
- in testing on kropotkin

* serverwatch proposal (toni)
http://lists.cat.org.au/pipermail/imc-tech-emerg/2002-March/000007.html to be hosted on some other domain to survive DNS failure consensus was reached on goahead for this project

* project tracking (toni)
http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/public/imc-tech/2002-March/007841.html which is HOW TO COORDINATE wast mass of information and work MORE EFFICIENTLY consensus was reached on goahead for this project

* Future code on Stallman? (chris)
what codebase to use? long debate followed, as expected.

* Global IMC Keyserver Network (Arc)
status update and invitation for new servers 4 servers so far: NYC, Ithaca, Seattle, and Italy others invited to join, concept explained

* server update: Nora (thallara)
(IMCNorway-server update) We are off the net a couple of days (starting the 13). Reason: Lawsuit against the NDS reg/holder of the indymedia.no domain. The ISP got scared and hosed us, we are setting up again on another provider. Back up soon. (Drone/No-ImcTech)

* woman in tech (stefani)
worried by not seeing anyhing on this

* next ruckus camp (ana)
http://ruckus.org/techcamp.html june 24-26 is tech skill sharing for techies june 27 to july 2 is tech training for 100 activists

* HOPE hacktivist conference (ana)
coming up and emanual goldstein is still looking for imc input

* secure/SSL IRC (jeremy)
we can connect and communicate securely via an encrypted connection to the irc.indymedia.org server. A howto is available at http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Sysadmin/SecureIRC

-- ChristopherMitchell - 06 Jun 2002
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