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TutorialdeinstalaciondeSF-Active by Mat CMI Buenos Aires ((i)) Argentina Friday, Nov. 05, 2004 at 10:16 AM mat(a) Utilizando Debian GNU/Linux. Instalaci\xF3n de paquetes necesarios y... 2013-01-14T15:59:29Z MatRiseup 1 updated major ActiveSf sf active Sf Active Pages Overview * ActiveSfEol sf active end of life and migration tools * ActiveSfDevel * ActiveSfDevelInstaller a page to di... 2013-01-14T15:56:38Z MatRiseup 32 updated major SamizdatEngine Samizdat Overview Developed by: Main.DmitryBorodaenko Requirements: Ruby, Rack, PostgreSQL, Sequel, ruby pg, Nokogiri, Magic FFI, RMagic, Ruby/FastGettext, Ruby ... 2012-05-13T15:08:59Z DmitryBorodaenko 44 updated major WordPress WordPress What is Wordpress? WordPress is a CMS relased under GPLv2. You can download it on, and you can find and download plugins and them... 2012-03-12T16:02:12Z BoySka 4 updated major WebHome IMC Tech Working Group Home Welcome to the home of Foswiki.Devel. This is a web based collaboration area for ... Articles * 2012-03-12T16:00:18Z BoySka 107 updated major ItalyTechTeam ItalyTechTeam Mailing list * La mailing list Italy Tech, luogo di discussione su tutto quello che riguarda gli aspetti tecnici dei nodi Indymedia italianofoni... 2012-02-28T20:33:53Z BoySka 7 updated major DomainPrivacy Domain Privacy Domain privacy is a service offered by some domain name registrars. A user buys privacy from the company, who in turn replaces the user's info in... 2011-09-06T23:15:28Z ErgonLogic 2 updated major ImcTech IMC Tech Working Group Home Welcome to the Global Tech Team ; ) On this Site you can find all the Info About the Tech Work in the Indymedia Network. Check out the... 2011-08-21T12:13:28Z ErgonLogic 97 updated major IndybayActive indybay active is a fork of sf active developed by san francisco bay area indymedia. indybay active is similar to sf active but is pure utf 8, uses innodb tables,... 2011-07-28T05:20:01Z MarkB 8 updated major Mir2DrupalReferences Mir2Drupal References General references * imc drupal dev mailing list. * Drupal's Migrate module. * IMC Drupal Development: documentation from Indymedi... 2011-06-12T00:39:33Z DrebS 3 updated major Mir2DrupalDb Mir2Drupal Database Migration This page documents the Database Migration step of a migration from MIR to Drupal. There are some attached scripts which result from... 2011-06-05T00:59:25Z DrebS 10 updated major Mir2Drupal Mir2Drupal This page documents the process of migration from MIR to Drupal. References * Check out some references about Indymedia, MIR, Drupal and site featu... 2011-06-04T22:10:10Z DrebS 27 updated major Mir2DrupalInstallationProfile Mir2Drupal Installation Profile References * How to Write a Drupal 7 Installation Profile. * Indymedia Alba Drupal 6 Install Profile. Repository There is ... 2011-06-04T20:58:10Z DrebS 2 updated major Mir2DrupalSurveyFeedback Mir2Drupal Survey Feedback This page documents feedback received by indymedia collectives about the Mir2DrupalSurvey. Feedback Page configurations * Set NOWY... 2011-06-03T15:05:03Z DrebS 2 updated major Mir2DrupalSurvey Mir2Drupal Survey This page contains a survey to be sent to Indymedia collectives which use Drupal as CMS, to be able to develop a strategy for migration from MIR... 2011-06-03T14:09:21Z DrebS 6 updated major Mir2DrupalModules Mir2Drupal Drupal 7 Modules This page documents the possible Drupal 7 modules we can use to configure an Indymedia site migrated from MIR. List of modules for po... 2011-05-30T13:50:02Z DrebS 5 updated major
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