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ImcUk people have a AhimsaUkLegal page and there is a Indymedia Server Seizures page on the EFF site about the legal action.


This is a summary of where are with the legal working group related to the seizure of the Ahimsa indymedia server.

On Friday October 8th there was a conference call between Sheri (Seattle), Evan (Tech), and Ana (NYC IMC) and Kurt and Kevin at EFF. We discussed how EFF could represent and help indymedia in this issue. We also discussed a potential longer term representation agreement between the EFF and Indymedia.


For EFF to represent us in a legal manner we need to sign a document or letter of representation. If we do not do this, they can't say we are their clients and we can't get specific legal protections. Their ablity to demand documents and talk in our name to the police, government lakyes, and rackspace is greatly enhanced once we have a representation document signed.

They are willing to represent us pro-bono and are interested in taking on this case. But they need our help, and solid communications channels which get them the information they need without overwhelming them.


Jeff (Jebba) is the person who legally has the contract with Rackspace for the Ahimsa server. Jeff will sign a representation agreement with EFF so they can be his lawyers.

Representing Indymedia

We need to add more here. Basically we are going to need to have some group within indymedia sign a document with them. The plan is to maybe have a short term and long term signing of US imc's.

I'll add more later when i get back online.


EFF will be getting representation letters to Jeff and imc-legal friday afternoon (October 8th 2004) for signing and review. Jeff will sign his, and imc-legal will work on getting it approved somehow (to be outlined in a bit) by some part of the network.

-- RabbleRouser - 08 Oct 2004

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-- StefaniB - 09 Oct 2004
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