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Ahimsa Solidarity

this is a space to collect links to Ahimsa Solidarity Actions and respective workplaces.

Solidarity Statement

Solidarity Actions

  • AhimsaOperationHardDriveBy: a proposal for a campaign to symbolically deliver old hard drives to authorities in each country, with a press release and lots of people, and keep doing it regularly in a different location each time until they meet our demands. Repeat and enlarge the Netherlands and SF actions.
  • Netherlands: Delivering symbolic old hardware to the italian consulate in amsterdam.
  • San Francisco, USA: 10/14 Internet activists to hand over wanted hardware to FBI. Photos | Video]
  • Houston, USA: On Wednesday, October 13th, 15 supporters of independent media gathered at 1200 Smith street, where the Swiss consulate is located, to protest the role the Swiss Government played in the confiscation of the Ahimsa server in London
  • Dijon, France 4 Nov 2004 2 harddrive nailed to Italian embassy door. Message: You want our harddrives? We throw them into your faces! report en | pics

DRAFT Proposal for a joint media-legal-political strategy concerning the Ahimsa seizure


  1. raise public awareness about the attacks on indymedia
  2. built community support for indymedia
  3. identify who took Ahimsa, and why
  4. create a network that can be mobilized to put public pressure on the FBI (or whoever), especially if they escalate their attacks on Indymedia


  1. ahisma global solidarity statement that individuals and orgs can sign on to - perhaps include demands (e.g., who took our servers, return the servers, hand off our websites) [draft: AhimsaSolidarityStatementGlobal]
  2. people can sign on to the statement using existing php petition scripts (see e.g., http://www.saveourcivilliberties.org/petition)
  3. a press release to go out on thursday, oct 14th [draft: AhimsaPressrelease]
  4. a call to action to be widely circulated among global justice listservs, anti-war listservs, media activist listervs, posted to websites, etc.
  5. whatever else EFF deems appropriate

Demands of U.S., U.K., Swiss and Italian authorities

  1. investigation into the circumstances and legality of the Indymedia Server Seizures
  2. return the servers with all the data intact

as for the "who" - i suggest that imc-press and imc-legal work together to flesh out the plan as well as the solidarity statement and website before submitting it to imc-process.

-- DavidMeieran - 12 Oct 2004

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