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This is a timeline about what happened to Ahimsa and Indymedia since the Ahimsa harddrives were seized in London, in October 2004 (moved from AhimsaOverview).

9 Nov 2004

  • The US State Attorney (ie the lawyer for the US government) has responded to the motion to unseal, see the EFF Indymedia page for more info and read on for the text of the courts ruling.

27 Oct

25 Oct

21 Oct

18 Oct 2004

16 Oct 2004

15 Oct 2004

  • Organize a protest! Take part in Operation Hard Drive-by: AhimsaOperationHardDriveBy
  • FBI denies any involvement, says EFF
  • FAIR and Free Press (two big media activist groups in the US) issue alerts and press releases

14 Oct 2004

13 October 2004

  • Public Prosecutor in Bologna admits that she has requested IP log info through MLAT but that she didn't seek the seizure

12 Oct 2004

  • At a Swiss Press conference earlier today it was suggested that the Swiss Authorities have launched an investigation BUT that they didn't request the server.
  • Swiss federal prosecutor for Geneva admits that he is investigating Indymedia regarding coverage of the 2003 G8 Summit but that he didn't seek the seizure
  • Rackspace emails Jebba that hardware is returned and that servers will be back online by the end of the day
  • UK Indymedia has completed a "call for solidarity"
  • A number of organizations have made solidarity statements - AhimsaStatement
  • A proposal for a global solidarity call to action and press release has been made - AhimsaSolidarity
  • IMC-Legal has approved a proposal concerning the EFF's representation of IMC network
  • Six IMCs are back online
  • Many more articles have come out - AhimsaMainstreamMediaCoverage
  • More articles and radio shows in the works - AhimsaPressPeopleWeSpokeTo

08 October 2004

  • FBI spokesperson tells AFP that FBI issued subpoena "on behalf of a third country." (Later he tells EFF that the FBI wasn't involved and that he was misquoted.)

07 October 2004

  • Rackspace served with a subpoena, turns over HDs and emails Jebba

05 October 2004

  • Rackspace emails Jebba to say "I have received no further communications from either the FBI or the Swiss authorities, so I feel like we can close this issue."

01 October 2004

  • FBI visits Devin Theriot-Orr (Seattle IMC) in Seattle about the photos on Nantes IMC

22 September 2004

  • FBI contacts Rackspace about photos on Nantes IMC

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