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Basic Editorial Policy Recommendation /
Recomendaci\xF3n B\xE1sica de la Pol\xEDt\xEDca Editorial

[EN] This page is intended as a workspace for collaboratively building a basic editorial policy. These recommendations may serve as a template for new IMCs to use when creating their own policy. [ES] Esta p\xE1gina se pens\xF3 como espacio de trabajo para colaborar en la construcci\xF3n una pol\xEDtica editorial b\xE1sica. Estas recomendaciones pueden servir como plantilla para IMCs nuevo al uso al crear su propia pol\xEDtica.

[EN] You can post your recommended editorial statements and comments directly to the wiki, or email them to Guamanian(AT), and I will add them to the wiki. [ES] Usted puede fijar sus declaraciones y comentarios directamente al wiki, o email editoriales recomendados ellos a Guamanian(AT), y lo agregar\xE9 al wiki.

[EN] Note that these recommendations do not have any official status, and are not an official IMC document. Use them as you wish! [ES] Observe que estas recomendaciones no tienen ning\xFAn estado oficial, y no sea un documento oficial CMI. \xA1Util\xEDcelas como usted prefiere!

Contents / Contenido

1.0 Statements of intention / Declaraciones de la intenci\xF3n

[EN]Most IMC editorial policies include statements of intention that describe the news stories that are supported and promoted. These statements often include support for things like investigative reports exposing injustice, stories by members of marginalized groups, stories on people or projects working towards social and economic justice, stories on progressive actions and demonstrations. [ES] La mayor\xEDa las pol\xEDticas editoriales CMI incluyen las declaraciones de la intenci\xF3n que describen las historias de las noticias se apoyan y se promueven que. Estas declaraciones incluyen a menudo la ayuda para las cosas como los informes investigadores que exponen la injusticia, historias de los miembros de grupos marginados, historias en la gente o el funcionamiento de proyectos hacia justicia social y econ\xF3mica, historias en acciones progresivas y demostraciones.

[EN] There are samples of this kind of statement in many of the editorial policies collected at [ES] Hay muestras de esta clase de declaraci\xF3n en muchas de las pol\xEDticas editoriales recogidas en

2.0 Safety and security statements / Declaraciones de seguridad

2.1 Death threats are not allowed, and will be deleted or hidden. / Las amenazas de la muerte no se permiten, y ser\xE1n suprimidas u ocultadas.

Comments / Comentarios:

[EN] Agreed. Death threats are clearly unacceptable, and should be deleted if possible, rather than hidden. [ES] Acordado. Las amenazas de la muerte son claramente inaceptables, y deben ser suprimidas si es posible, m\xE1s bien que ser ocultadas. -- GuamaniaN - 19 May 2004

[EN] Agreed. I'd also extend that to physical violence threats (Ie "I'm gonna bash you , you pesky anarchist"). And further, I'd add site ban. If the possibility of a hash-ip block or whatever is permissible within the local collectives running, then use it. [ES - Resumen] Acordado. Tambi\xE9n ampliar\xEDa esto a las amenazas f\xEDsicas violentas. -- Shayne - 27 May 2004

[EN] Death threats should be hidden, but not deleted. That way they may presented in court later, should the necessity arise. If, for example, one of us ever finds it necessary to use deadly force in self defense, it would be nice to be acquitted on the basis of justification, rather than to be imprisoned, or worse. Evidence of prior threats is always of use in one\x92s defense against homicide charges. So far, these threats have been a lot of hot air. But history teaches us that we have no reason to believe they will always remain so. The death of Alan Berg teaches us that death threats are not always empty. Sometimes they are warnings of things to come. Worse, the deaths of Danny Casolaro and Don Bolles teach us that sometimes, journalists are not even afforded the luxury of a warning. Authentic journalism carries with it real risks. So we must take precautions and plan in advance. [ES - Resumen] Amenazas de muerte deben ser oculatadas, no suprimidas. De esa forma se pueden presentar en la corte luego, si se presenta la ocasi\xF3n. Si, por ejemplo, uno de nosotros/as lo encuentra necesario (use deadly force?) para su propia defenza, ser\xEDa bueno ser absuelto con esa justificaci\xF3n, mejor que ser encarcelado o peor. (...) El periodismo aut\xE9ntico corre con un riesgo real. Entonces tenemos que tomar precauciones y adelantarnos al plan. -- nessie - 31 May 2004

2.2 information on improvised munitions and other paramilitary information is not allowed, and will be deleted. / La informaci\xF3n sobre las municiones improvisadas y la otra informaci\xF3n paramilitar no se permitir\xE1n y ser\xE1n suprimidas.

Comments / Comentarios:

[EN] Agreed. This information must be immediately deleted, rather than just hidden. [ES] Acordado. Esta informaci\xF3n debe ser suprimida inmediatamente, m\xE1s que apenas ser ocultada. -- GuamaniaN - 02 June 2004

3.0 Acceptable use statements / Declaraciones del uso aceptable

3.1 Posts by fascist organizations and individuals should be deleted or hidden. / Los art\xEDculos de organizaciones fascistas y de individuos deben ser suprimidos o ser ocultados.

Comments / Comentarios:

[EN] I think that sometimes fascist information is part of a news story, or is important news for activists, and should be allowed under those circumstances. [ES] Pienso que la informaci\xF3n a veces fascista es parte de una historia de las noticias, o soy noticias importantes para los activistas, y debo ser permitido bajo esas circunstancias. -- GuamaniaN - 19 May 2004

[EN] I strongly disagree that facists should be allowed to post at all. I consider it a form of colaborating with these folk if they are allowed to bully and intimidate minorities and activists. Furthermore, while I doubt I'd get consensus, I'd like to see it as official principles of unity that facists may not post on any indymedia site. I've seen the fear and damage these people bring. We are as bad as them if we allow our sites to be used as weapons of intimidation. [ES] Discrepo fuertemente que los facistas deben ser permitidos. Lo considero una forma de colaboraci\xF3n con esta gente si a le se permite bully e intimidar a minor\xEDas y a activistas. Adem\xE1s, mientras que dudo I'd consiguen el consenso, I'd como para verlo como principios de unidad oficiales que los fascistas no puedan publicar en cualquier sitio del indymedia. He visto el miedo y el da\xF1o que esta gente traen. Somos tan malos como ellos si permitimos que nuestros sitios sean utilizados como armas de intimidaci\xF3n. -- Shayne - 27 May 2004

[EN] If Indymedia cannot consensus to ban fascist propaganda, and enemy propaganda in general, then its credibility in this world will be nil, and it\x92s very reason for existing will have been negated. This is precisely the goal of at least some of the people who are currently abusing Indymedia\x92s hospitality. If they are permitted to succeed, not only will Indymedia be doomed, but the entire Global Justice Movement will suffer, and with it our planet, and untold generations of her people. This is not an acceptable option. Ergo, those IMC locals which insist on discrediting Indymedia, should be expelled by those of us who do consense. This should be done at the DNS level. If you are going to use our name and logo, you must not discredit them. If you discredit them, you must not be allowed to use our name and logo. This may sound harsh, but it the political reality of the situation. If, for example, you allow Nazi propaganda to be published under your name and logo, people will naturally assume that you are a supporter of Nazism. They will be right, and nothing else you say will be taken seriously, ever again, by anybody who knows, not even the Nazis themselves. In journalism, credibility is everything. Unless we can successfully defend our credibility, Indymedia will fail at its most basic mission, and all the work we have put into it will have been for nothing. The fascists must be driven out, so must the racists, war mongers, homophobes, misogynists, colonialists, and apologists for exploitation, ecocide, and torture, and anyone who defends them. Speech is free, bandwidth is not. That these miscreants be required to provide their own bandwirth is not an infringement of their freedom of speech. It is an affirmation of our own. [ES - Resumen] En periodismo, la credibilidad es todo. A menos que poder defender con \xE9xito nuestra credibilidad, Indymedia fallar\xE1 en su misi\xF3n m\xE1s b\xE1sica, y todo el trabajo que hemos puesto en ella habr\xE1 sido para nada. Los fascistas deben ser hechados, as\xED que deben los racistas, los mongers de la guerra, los homof\xF3bicos, los misogynists, los colonialistas, y los apologistas de la explotaci\xF3n, ecocidio y torturas, y cualquier persona que los defienda. -- nessie - 31 May 2004

[EN] is now allowing the Jewish Defense League, a vicious gang of racist terrorists, to broadcast their propaganda over Indymedia bandwidth. This is intolerable. They shame us all. Even Brisbane did not behave this deplorably. Should they not remove this crap immediately should be expelled from the Indymedia network ASAP and their DNS link removed.

-- - 06 Jan 2005 [Note post recieved by email, identity not verified - Guamanian]

3.2 Posts by sexist organizations and individuals should be deleted or hidden. / Los postes de organizaciones sexista y de individuos sexista deben ser suprimidos o ser ocultados.

Comments / Comentarios:

3.3 Pornographic posts are unacceptable, and should be deleted or hidden. / Los art\xEDculos pornogr\xE1ficos son inaceptables, y deben ser suprimidos o ser ocultados.

Comments / Comentarios:

[EN] I'm not sure I agree on this completely. Porn is in the eye of the beholder a little. With the strange new 'innovation' of "fuck for the forest" , I think we need to be aware, that strange forms of resistance are emerging in activist communities that might just involve..... porn. Now that said, there are strong arguments that ALL porn is exploitative, so its best left to the feelings of the individual collectives. Perhaps a 'use your judgement' vibe is best here. [ES - Resumen] No estoy seguro que este completamente de acuerdo. Sin embargo, hay discusiones fuertes que TODA LA pornograf\xEDa es exploitative, entonces es mejor mejor dejar a las sensaciones de los colectivos de Indymedia. -- Shayne - 27 may 2004

3.4 Posts by racist organizations and individuals should be deleted or hidden. / Los postes de organizaciones racista y de individuos racistas deben ser suprimidos o ser ocultados.

Comments / Comentarios:

3.5 Commercial advertising should be deleted or hidden. / La publicidad del anuncio debe ser suprimida o ser ocultada.

Comments / Comentarios:

4.0 Acceptable behavior statements / Declaraciones del comportamiento aceptable

4.1 Posts that are primarily personal attacks on other posters should be deleted or hidden. / Los postes que son sobre todo ataques personales contra otros usuarios deben ser suprimidos o ser ocultados.

Comments / Comentarios:

[EN] I don't think this is a good statement to include in the 'Basic Editorial Policy', since it is subject to cultural interpretation. I hate flame wars, and we do not allow them on Victoria IMC, but some IMCs tolerate them. [ES] No pienso que esto es una buena declaraci\xF3n a incluir en la pol\xEDtica editorial b\xE1sica, puesto que est\xE1 conforme a la interpretaci\xF3n cultural. Odio flame wars [guerras de la llama? :)], y no las permitimos en Victoria CMI, pero algunos CMIs las toleran. -- GuamaniaN - 26 May 2004

4.2 Destabilization posts that include incorrect information about events and actions should be hidden. / Los postes de la desestabilizaci\xF3n que incluyen la informaci\xF3n incorrecta sobre acontecimientos y acciones deben ser ocultados.

Comments / Comentarios:

4.3 Identity theft posts that falsely claim to be from a known activist should be hidden or deleted. / Los postes del hurto de la identidad que demandan falso ser de un activista conocido deben ser ocultados o ser suprimidos.

Comments / Comentarios:

5.0 Technical statements / Declaraciones t\xE9cnicas

5.1 Duplicate posts should be deleted or hidden. / Los postes duplicados deben ser suprimidos o ser ocultados.

Comments / Comentarios:

5.2 Posts that are technically corrupt or unreadable should be deleted or hidden. / Los postes que son t\xE9cnicamente corruptos o ilegibles deben ser suprimidos o ser ocultados.

Comments / Comentarios:

General Comments / Comentarios Generales

Comments not related to a specific recommended statement / No relacionado con una declaraci\xF3n recomendada espec\xEDfica

[EN] Indymedia is being used by our enemies as distribution system for a number of active disinformation campaigns. For example, see: If Indymedia is to be a credible news source, the editors of every site must fact check rigorously, and remove all disinformation as quickly as possible. Any site that doesn\x92t do this is actively collaborating with the enemies of Indymedia, and of the Global Justice Movement in general, and should be treated accordingly. [ES] Indymedia est\xE1 siendo utilizado por nuestros enemigos como sistema de la distribuci\xF3n para un n\xFAmero de campa\xF1as activas del disinformation. Por ejemplo, vea: Si Indymedia debe ser una fuente cre\xEDble de las noticias, los redactores de cada sitio deben cheque del hecho riguroso, y quitar todo el disinformation lo m\xE1s r\xE1pidamente posible. Cualquier sitio que no haga esto est\xE1 colaborando activamente con los enemigos de Indymedia, y del movimiento global de la justicia en general, y se debe tratar por consiguiente. -- nessie - 05 July 2004

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