Tutorial for the G8 Indymedia Input website:


The G8 Indymedia input website is part of an entire imc dispatch system, consisting of several irc chatrooms, mailing lists, face to face communication, phonecalls, (telepathy!) and maybe more communication channels.

The indymedia input website can be used to confirm and translate short reports and articles. Right now, we're using it for the G8 protests in Scotland. To be able to use the system, you'll need a login and a password. This is done by joining the channel #g8 on irc.indymedia.org and asking to be assigned to the dispatch task. We are especially looking for translators, but also people who are able to accept reports from within the UK. See the bottom for the precise roles that need to be filled.

How to use the website:

Add news

anyone may add news. Please select the appropriate language, fill in a brief title, the location (as precisely as possible), your nick and some news! when you click 'submit' it will be entered into the database.


'Confirmers' and 'Translators' have access to this. News may continue in to 'unconfirmed' or be hidden.


'Confirmers' have access to this page.


Both 'Confirmers' and 'Translators' have access to this page. Posts may be marked for translation, or sent directly to the outbox.


'Translators' have access to this page. News may be translated or sent to the outbox in their current state (however, it may be more useful to translate finished articles rather than raw material). discussion takes place in #g8-translation on irc.indymedia.org


Anybody may access this page, which contains confirmed news +/- translations. This news is also used to generate the news in the side panels on some of the other pages.


You may get support by going into the #g8 channel on irc.indymedia.org as described above. Technical support is at #input (with respect to site function only).

How to use the IRC channels:

There are a number of important channels being used for the G8 - not all of these are being used for dispatch. You can access them via https://chat.indymedia.org or using an irc client and connecting to irc.indymedia.org.


general chat, UNconfirmed news - please post at http://input.indymedia.org.uk/add.php | www.g8radio.net | #g8-dispatch for latest confirmed reports


  • CONFIRMED NEWS in this channel (by dispatch team only).

this is a moderated channel so only those with 'voice' (i.e. the dispatch team) can speak.

useful commands:
  • /mode +mnt - moderated, no external messages, topic only changeable by ops
  • /mode +ov [nick] - allows voice to confirmers and ops them


  • UNCONFIRMED NEWS for discussion about what is confirmed - this is a private channel.

useful commands:
  • /mode +ips - invite only, private and secret
  • /mode +I - adds someone to invite list so they can join channel without being /INVITEd
  • /invite [nick] - invite someone


  • For coordination of translations of the news coming through the dispatch tool.


This is the general UK channel, for broad information and general chat.

Dispatch Roles

  • RAW INFO people - working phones pasting raw info into the #g8-internal irc channel. These are mostly in Edinburgh but could be elsewhere - during Evian, people were taking phone calls in Cambridge, we may get more of this geographical weirdness, especially with the use of different forms of communication, e.g. by voip
  • FORMATTERS - people taking these (raw, unconfirmed) reports and formatting them all nice, in English - they are usually really messy
because people are all stressed out taking the telephone calls and have no time to write nicely.

In the closed, invite-only #g8-internal irc channel, reports are confirmed by the dispatch team. When reports are confirmed:

  • CUT AND PASTE PERSON pastes the nicely formatted text into the channel #g8-dispatch. This can then be disseminated throughout the indymedia network and elsewhere as appropriate.
  • CUT AND PASTE PERSON - pastes confirmed reports from #g8-dispatch into the Dispatch Tool http://input.indymedia.org.uk, so that stuff can be translated.
  • WRITERS - write features and update timeline with confirmed information taken from #g8-dispatch and the dispatch tool outbox: http://input.indymedia.org.uk/outbox.php
  • TRANSLATORS - translate and post translated pieces and articles both into the translation section of the dispatch tool and onto different imc websites


If you can translate, please go to http://input.indymedia.org.uk/translation.php and see what still needs to be translated into the language you can translate into. also check in the dispatch translation channel on irc: #g8-translation - to be sure someone else isn't doing the same. to translate a text, click on the 'Add a Translation' link and then select the appropriate language. Please also use the material here to put together reports and post these to those imc pages that use your language!

Please also help to translate larger texts, e.g. the features from the UK IMC page. You can help to check that they are posted to the Indymedia TranslationTool: http://translations.indymedia.org/ - this way those people usually translating for indymedia via the specific language translation lists will be notified as well.

You can add text that needs to be translated directly to the translationtool here: http://translations.indymedia.org/Translations/addPostingForm? and pick up things that need to be translated if you click 'to do' at http://translations.indymedia.org/ .

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-- GarconDuMonde - 02 Jul 2005
-- IonNec - 03 Jul 2005 changed from "the dispatch" to "indymedia input website" to avoid confusion with the wider dispatch system, which also includes email, irc, phone, etc.
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