PLEASE NOTE: This working group is no longer active. The mailing list has been removed. For now, the Wiki pages of this working group will only remain as an archive of information. If you would like to revive this project, please get into touch with one of these people:



We have finished our second IRC meeting which has been held on Aug 26th. More detail including a summary and the full chat log can be obtained at DispatchWorkingGroupIRC2.

The next IRC meeting is currently planned for Tuesday, Sept 9th 2003, 7 pm GMT (= 21.00 CEST).

By the way, daylight saving time (making the +1 hour shift from CET to CEST) will end on Sunday, October 26, 2003, at 3:00 AM local daylight time. So, to keep the 7 pm GMT time, we will have to meet at 20.00 CET after Oct 26th. For help with the time, set up your personal world time clock at

What's about?

Short definition: dispatch's job is to find out what really happened and what is just a rumour, producing reliable info for the local imc's.

This site was set up to collect the discussions on dispatch system. It is about thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc. born in and before a chat on IRC (12 Aug 2003) (read summary + logs). That day, some europeans discussed about a future system which will allow easier reporting and translation for special events and about a project to form this. If you are interested in this discussion please take part in it. We are open to new people anytime.

How to get involved?

To get in contact with us, please send an email to

imc-dispatch AT lists D0T indymedia D0T org

To sign up for this list or view the list archive visit the list information page.

We will also hold bi-weekly chat sessions, usually on odd calendar weeks. Possible changes and the agenda will be announced both here and on our mailing list. The meetings take place on #dispatchsystem on the server. If not otherwise announced, meetings start at 7 p.m. GMT (21.00 Berlin time).

If you are uncommon to IRC, you can easily join us by using the chat applet at Once the page has fully loaded choose a nickname of your favor and type it into the corresponding text box. In the "Channel" box, delete "indymedia" and type "dispatchsystem" instead. Finally, click "Connect Now!" to join the chat.

We gave this site a structure to have a better overview. Feel free to add your comments on DispatchWorkingGroupDiscussions or link/upload your files on DispatchWorkingGroupDocs. When making changes, please take care of a GoodStyle - have a look at WikiSyntax.

You can also help with translations - for example by translating this page to your own language, and let people know about the DispatchWorkingGroup.


To get a visual impression of what the dispatch process means have a look at the diagram "Indymedia Dispatch System Workflow".

You can find collected (and add your) documents, protocols, diagrams, ... on DispatchWorkingGroupDocs. This also to hold the ongoing discussion transparent.

For a short overview on how dispatch can work, have a look at the DispatchTutorial which was written to coordinate the coverage during the EU-summit in Theassaloniki in June 2003 and used the online dispatch System on

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