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European Communication Working Group

This Working Group was created after Europe-imc meeting in Bern in september 2002.
Main aim of this group was facilitate the work of bringing together different imcs from all over the geographically european, mediterranean, near and middle east areas, after the difficulties of participation teh european imc meeting experienced.

To do this, the group wrote down a small series of questions to first understand why many local imcs felt no interest in participating to imc europe regional meetings, what were the problems they faced and the expectations they had in meeting other imc people.

The questionary waited until october, 11th 2003 to be sent, after a meeting involving many imc people from all over the world at NextFiveMinutes revived the energy for a new effort in organizing a europe-wide meeting of media-activist.

The next step will be sending a second series of question specifically trying to understand how to guarantee the best setting for a regional meeting to take place. This series is still being worked out in imc-europe-commwork mailing list

Crucial to all this is the collection of all interested parties email, that is being done in a wiki page (remember to put ## instead of @ to avoid enhanced spam to the people included in the address list).

If you want to participate: subscribe to the imc-europe-commwork mailing list but please also subscribe to the imc-europe mailing list.

role of imc-europe vs imc-europe-commwork

The imc-europe list is not limited to any formal european boundaries and is opposed to racism, including in the form of "EU nationalism" - "europe" for us is just a geographical region and many of us are from North African and West Asian IMCs.

imc-europe-commwork is a list for details of work related to imc-europe.

Anyone subscribed to imc-europe-commwork is expected to be subscribed to imc-europe. So please do not cross-post to both lists.

A few examples of what should be sent to imc-europe:
  • results, syntheses
  • information important for local IMCs
  • networking emails, e.g. reminders for IRC meetings
  • decision-making

A few examples of what should be sent to imc-europe-commwork:
  • individual responses to questionnaires for summer camp
  • most of the work for summer camp until it is summarised, clear
  • preparation of proposals for decisions - proposals are sent to imc-europe
  • discussions like "is this summary ready to send to imc-europe?"

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