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| Whats Happening in ENR land - Please add events and screenings Next producer - Kinimatografos Collective (Greece) ; deadline for next edition (ENR #18) is September, 2004.|

mission statement

The European Newsreal is an independent media network of regional production and screening groups for the European wide distribution of videos covering issues ignored or distorted by the corporate media.

The European Newsreal rejects the economics and morality of capitalism and neo-liberal globalisation. It furthers the aims of social justice and environmental sustainability.

The European Newsreal will act to promote and empower groups and campaigns working towards positive social change, a world without repressive borders, exclusion and exploitation of human beings, with a caring attitude towards our environment and other living beings.

The European Newsreal will be a platform for showing ways of living together on an equal basis without distinguishing between the many forms of organising for this emancipation. It will be open to all projects comitted to an emancipatory perspective.

Do think of this as a "website" and as a place for collecting and working together on all kind of documents: reports, summaries, to-do lists, howto's, proposals, leaflets etc. Any of us can work on these pages, see below on how to... Its very important that people dive in and add and change things on this wiki sight.

volunteering, helping out

Anybody can send in video segments of not more than 5 minutes length if they portray or promote positive social change (see statement above)

Anybody volunteering to produce the EuropeanNewsReal needs to have produced several segments for EuropeanNewsReal before, or be an existing alt-video group. (see NewsRealProjectStructure)

The next EuropeanNewsReal issue, #18 will be produced by Kinimatografos in Athens. Use the following contact information: ie - Please send films to :

\x93Kinimatografos\x94 Post box: 72086 Post code: 16310 Athens Greece

EuropeanNewsReal issue #16 and #17 were produced by:

Beyondtv, Box 29, Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick St, Manchester, M4 7HR

e-mail : mick at undercurrents. org

EuropeanNewsReal issue #14 and #15 were produced by:

Kinimatografos collective.If you want a copy to translate and distribute ask here:

EuropeanNewsReal issues #12 and #13 were produced by:

Birnbaum TV. If you want a copy to translate and distribute ask here:

EuropeanNewsReal issues #7 & 8

where produced by: Beyondtv
when you want an original language master to put subtitles on and distribute it in you language area\xB4:: ask us where to send the tape:

EuropeanNewsReal issues #4, 5, 6, 9 & 10 and 11 were produced by:

trojan tv when you want an original language master to put subtitles on and distribute it in you language area\xB4:: ask us where to send the tape: trojan[at]

how to send us your video segment

how to send us your video segment

Send it to the above address on mini-DV tape preferably (or vhs, s-vhs). always pal, no ntsc! (no high8, no cds, ...)
if you want to send another format, contact producer before!

Add your own titles at beginning and end of your clip.
Add your own logo over your segment (e.g., in one of the upper corners), if you want to make sure nobody can misuse it.

Make a transcript (see NewsRealTranslation to learn about transcripts) and post it to the NewsRealTranscripts page. Add a paper copy of it to your DV master, too. Please please also make an English translation of it
remember :: you can also ask somebodyelse if you are unable yourself.

Print out the contract which will soon be somewhere on this page :-), sign it and put it in with your segment.

how to order the newsreal for screening

Here you can see the content (clips/segments) of the News Real Issues produced so far :: ContentOfNewsRealIssues

Ask us for it! Via email to or best directly at the address / telephone indicated above as the producer of the next newsreal. Be insistent, we are as chaotical as anybody!

As soon as there will be a distribution group for your language, we will then tell you their contact details to get the newsreal in your own language from them. Or check yourself on the NewRealDistributiongroups page. Or set up a new distribution group yourself, if there isnt any???

Ask your local/language distributer about the procedure and cost to cover tape and postage expenses (5-10 euro). Don't forget to give us your address. Tell us if you want a VHS tape or a video CD.


  • NewRealDistributiongroups - list of distributors for various languages, check here if there is a version in your language available

  • NewsRealFreeSoftware - Indymedia does not support closed software such as RealPlayer - this is a temporary measure only and "Real" in the name NewsReal is not meant to imply any support for imprisoned software

another page here? what do we want to add? under construction by doing online support - get your problems in then post the solutions up here.

mailing lists etc.

The main email list for this project is the Indymedia Islip List
- see archive and information at:

our "central" project website: ::

Regional websites
Dutch ::

German ::

Resources are stored on two other pages

Roles to be filled

We need some one to co-ordinate the outreach to the IMC video lists and other European video groups – this is an easy job for the next month. But it is a key one, the person who takes on this has to work closely with the rest of us as they will be shaping the future direction and speed of the project. Work so Far Ben wrote a outreach document which was edited some peopul and has been sent out to all the europen and intanationalist IMC video lists. Its time to send out a follow up note if anyone is up to wrighting one and putting up on the outreach page.

Go round the Indymedia sites globally and write emails to everyone that has submitted Video - Tell them about The NewsReal project and add their details to Beyond TV so everyone has a record. work so far I think peopul are doing this on an idividual bases, would be nice to have some feedback on the wiky

We need to approach one group for each european language to act as focus and mirror what we are doing on a national level: the distribution group. In Germany we have Birnbaum tv, in Croatia sto gledas, in Netherlands trojan tv, in italy we have Candida TV, in Greece the Kinimatografos collective, in Spain several people in Barcelona are colaborating to do the subtitling anddistribution. slowenians have indicated interest so far. we need a group in all the other countries – we have agreed to start out small and organic so we should only “sign” up a few countries at a time. Who is up for co-ordinating this? work so far

some one should design a big PDF poster and leavlets to put on each CD-ROM and on a twiki resource page, so people can print them and put them up for screenings work so far


Islip Email List Archive:

Indymedia US/Global Newsreal Website
(has lots of good texts and explanations about how the project is run, making segments, arranging screenings, support materials etc):

Indymedia US/Global Newsreal Mailing List

Cultureshop (UK distribution by credit card)

Beyondtv (UK distribution - 0161 226 6814)

Dev Media Grassroots Media Producer Groups and Collectives



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Note: if we want we can restrict some of the pages so only we can work on them.
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