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  • autonomous at mutualaid.org Member of: OCAP, Food Not Bombs, Autonomous Collective, al-Fatiha (LGBTQ Muslims), Homes Not Jails, SUSTAIN, Progressive Muslim Network Salim, aka Michael nop>McCarron

  • avenesky at prodigy.net annie v NYC

  • dri at indymedia.org dri BH-Brasil, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian

  • eddy at jeffnet.org eddy various imc's boston,prague,video, rnc,wef,a16 etc.... i live in the (wildfire ridden) mountains of southwest oregon.

  • francesca at indymedia.org (formerly gradozero at inventati.org) francesca italian, english and translating from spanish (but I can't write spanish)

  • gekked at blackflag.net gekked San Francisco

  • imc_dc at yahoo.com Lisa sf-imc

  • jtarleton129 at hotmail.com Tarleton John also on list as jt_features at hotmail.com, jtarleton99 at hotmail.com, and jtarleton_101 at yahoo.com - ???

  • kaos.mkr at insiberia.net kaos.mkr italy imc italian and english

  • otted at autistici.org otted italy imc italian, english

  • ronaeven at yahoo.com rona even boston and east coast for the past two years or so... while going back and forth to israel

[ digested members ]

  • anarch3m at lycos.com anarch3m Seattle

  • and at antimedia.net and

  • baz at techie.com b @ z

  • clara at ifrik.org claraEnglish, German, Dutch

  • miketivist at yahoo.com Mike Philly

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