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IMC Global Features - Survey 2004

About the survey

The idea for this survey came from a discussion on the global-features list looking at how to develop the global site further and to get greater participation from around the world - particularly the non-english speaking world and areas that have been under-represented thus far.

The initial idea was to have a survey of the people subscribed to the www-features list and find out whether they were still interested in being involved and how they wanted to contribute. This was then expanded: first, to find out how different IMCs viewed the global site; subsequently, to incorporate ideas about the entire global networking process.

Survey Timetable

The FeaturesSurvey2004Questions are being formulated until March 28th. They will then be translated into different languages, with the final survey being distributed over the Easter Weekend (8-12 April). Following a response period of approximately 5 weeks, the answers will be co-ordinated into a document that will be posted on the wiki pages and also sent back to the global-features list for final discussion. Non-active members of the list (i.e. those who haven't responded to the survey or any of the reminders) will be removed at the beginning of June.

The full timetable is on the features survey 2004 timetable page.

Survey Questions

The survey questions were initially proposed on the global-features list. They are being drawn up and edited on the features survey 2004 questions page as an email which will then be translated and sent out to subscribers of the www-features list as well as the different independent media centres around the world. That is to say, there are in fact 2 slightly different - but linked - surveys that will be distributed.

Current Survey Results

Respondents: Clara (NL), Tribal Scribal/d.o.(USA), Chrisc (UK), Shayne (Aus), SuZQ(USA), John R. Pike(USA), Lara(USA), Marijuana(Italy), Tibi(Italy), Takver(Aus), Marco Zapatista(USA), Clare(NZ), JM Branum(USA), Bht(USA), Ryan Pollard(Canada), Blackbeard(USA)

Regions represented: Australia (2), Canada (1), Italy (2), New Zealand (1), Netherlands (1), USA (8)

Languages Readable: German (3), English (15), Dutch (1), French (4), Italian (3), Spanish (5), Tsalagi (1) Languages Writable: German (1), English (15), Dutch (1), French (4), Spanish (3), Italian (2) Preferred Languages: English (15), German (1), French (1), Spanish (1), Italian (1)

Writing: (7) Research: (8) Editing/Proofing: (3) Technical aspects/posting: (8)

Translations: (1) Outreach: (4) Process: (1) Direction/Vision: (4)

Survey Responses:

1. working name/nickname 2. imc/region/city 3. language read/write 4. language preferred 5. level of participation 6. additional comments

1. Clara 2. currently Netherlands, and biotech as topic, with an partial overview over events in Germany, Belgium, the UK 3. German, English, Dutch, a bit of French 4. English or German 5. writing features on the region & issues I know ; outreach to European and West Asian IMCs that don't really appear on www.indy; and within www-features: skillsharing (about Mir, IRC, Wiki and whatever comes along), keeping an overview over things that need to be done, and thinking about where www.indy can go from here

1. TribalScribal/d.o. 2. Wmass, USA 3. English 4. English 5. editing/research/outreach

1.chrisc on irc and 2. UK, Sheffield 3. English 4. English 5. Posting stuff to the site when I find time and editing stuff to add additional links and HTML work kinda of stuff -- I'm not so much of a feature writer, more of a techy...Clara set me up an account on the new Mir site a while ago, I have posted a couple of things and edited some stuff since then but I do find it hard to find time to do stuff...I'm also a moderator on www-migration but I have totally failed to find enough time to help with that list :-/

1. Shayne: Shayne 2. Perth, Australia 3. English. 4. English 5. Mostly proofing. My grammar sucks.

1. SuZQ 2. Philadelphia 3. English, Spanish, French (can write); Italian (can read), German (can read somewhat) 4. English, French, Spanish 5. Translations, newshunting, features writing, audio(?). I participate whenever I'm free -- usually once every few weeks.

1. Jon R. Pike 2. St. Louis/Twincities/US Indymedia 3. English 4. English 5. What I can fit in with my Ph.D. Studies/Writing Features 6. to be less and less dependent on protest actions and focus more on providing news from a radical perspective on a regular basis-creating and autonomous medium.

1. Lara 2. Tampa Bay, USA( 3. English 4. Enlgish 5. I'd be happy to help with researching and fact-checking features. I'm still sort of a newb, so, if there's anything you need help with, please ask me, as I'm not likely to figure it all out quickly on my own. I would definitely like to participate.

1. marijuana, or marij 2. Firenze, Italia | imc lists: toscana (local imc italy), editorial-italy, press, global....and other lists correlated to imc 3. languages read/write: italian, English, languages understood: french 4. languages preferred to work: italian, english 5. html: yes, pwd for admin in no / i can't work full time for imc, since i am employed and i have just little time, so sometimes it seems i can't be here to read or to help.

1. tibi, or teresa 2. Milano, Italia, imc lists: milano (local imc italy), italy, editorial-italy, radio, press, process....and other lists correlated to 3. imc languages read/write: italian, english, french,languages / understood: spanish, german 4. italian, english, french 5. html: yes / pwd for admin in no / sad to say that, i can't work full time for imc, since i am employed and I have two children, so sometimes it seems i can be away

1. Takver/Takver 2. Melbourne/Oceania 3. English 4. English 5. Features writing, in particular covering Melbourne/Oceania/East Asia, but also some general global issues. Also interested in contributing to maintaining www.indy site as part of the global features group.

1. marco zapATIsta 2. Milwaukee, USA 3. english and some spanish 4. english 5. keeping eye out for features at other imcs around the world. consensus process copwatch tech journalism etc.

1. clare 2. aotearoa/new zealand 3. english only frown, sad smile 4. english (grrr) 5. really i can only try and keep an eye out for things happening in aotearoa and oceania region and try and help with that, to help make sure more oceania features make it through to the global wire....i haven't been online so much in the last few months, am fixing now that though!

1. J. M. Branum 2. Oklahoma (USA) 3. English, limited reading skills in Espanol & Tsalagi (Cherokee) 4. English 5. I hope to occasionally find the best stories from local IMC's in this region (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas & Missouri) and submit them to be features on the global site. 6. We have a desperate need to give more information to each local IMC (and IMC member) on how the global website works. i.e. how to submit a feature story, how to submit a story to run on the global newswire, how to participate in the process of how stories are selected as global features, etc.

1. bht 2. portland IMC, southern cascadia bioregion, empire 3. I can only read and write English well. I can labor through reading spanish, and I am very open to using automatic translators. 4. I prefer to have a list that is not language specific. It is easiest for me, however, to work in English. 5. I will mostly being doing admin and story posting. I never was a journalist smile I will also be willing to do research and stir shit up. 6. Yes. I feel that www-features is THE global working group. I feel that everything to do with the global site is our general responsibility. And i would like to reflect that and get www.indy working again, major overhaul!

1. Ryan Pollard 2. IMC Maritimes, Canada 3. English, Fran\xE7ais 4. English 5. Minimal. Contributing some Canadian and other content, and editing.

1. Blackbeard 2. IMC Austin, USA 3. English, Spanish 4. English 5. Writing features of local (Texas) and global significance. I enjoy collaborative features, where a lot of folks compile links and then one or more write the feature. I love writing, and am drawn towards stories that make broad links between many struggles, and discuss the possibility (necessity) of global revolution. I am also extremely interested in building bridges between www-features and local sites, and I’m willing to put in work towards that end.

Guido imc global, ghant belgium french english dutch dutch english hope to be more acties in features team

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