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There was, originally, a suggestion for a timetable; however; there was also some disagreement about even having a timetable and so we are not using it. Also, at present, only an email to be sent out to the subscribers to www-features is being worked on, with a more general survey of all indymedia centres to happen at some point in the future. The original timetable is still show below in the table.

What to do with responses

Of course, this is more than just an exercise in getting as many people to respond as possible! Once all the responses are back, a small, multilingual working group needs to collate the responses and present them back to the main www-features list in a format that can be agreed upon by the rest of the group. Inevitably, there is likely to be some discussion, but this should still allow for concensus to be reached. If not, well, there is no rush...

About the survey

The idea for this survey came from a discussion on the global-features list looking at how to develop the global site further and to get greater participation from around the world - particularly the non-english speaking world and areas that have been under-represented thus far. Some more detail is given on the main page, Features Survey 2004.

Date Action/details
Mar 14 initial set of questions for survey posted at FeaturesSurvey2004Questions
Mar 28 deadline for final agreement to be reached on which questions to be used. Translation to start (or continue!)
Apr 8 deadline for translations to be completed by
Easter Weekend\ 9-12 April mailout to all www-features subscribers and to all indymedias worldwide (including "topic" imcs such as ftaa, biotech, oceania). Nominal deadline to be Sunday, May 16 (this is 5 weeks after easter and 2 weeks after May Day). Email to contain questions of survey as well as link to Wiki page and suggestion that responses should be posted on http://docs.indymedia.org (with the link emailed to the list) or can just be mailed back to www-features.
May 2 Reminder to be sent to all www-features subscribers and to all indymedias worldwide regarding the survey (email to link to wiki page) and forthcoming deadline.
May 16 deadline!! Email to be sent to non-responders asking why they did not respond. If subscribers to www-features list have not responded, they should be given a 2 week warning that they will be unsubscribed from the list. If it is a local group, perhaps individuals from the group can be gently reminded about the survey or asked if they want to provide any different feedback (or feedback in a different format, e.g. by telephone or communication over irc).
May 30 reminder sent to all www-features subscribers.
Jun 6 Non-responding www-features subscribers removed from the list.

-- GarconDuMonde - 14 Mar 2004

-- GarconDuMonde - 19 Mar 2004
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