have a look at the TranslationTool at http://translations.indymedia.org

IRC meeting from sunday 2nd of february, 16:00 gmt, in irc.indymedia.org #features

log of this meeting: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/FeaturesLog20030202

Short summary:

1) we have to start by getting translators and people to revise english automatic translations to work in co-operation with translations @ indymedia.org and the features @ indymedia.org

2) independent of the technical issues: we can start by linking the features to translations posted in the newswire

3) I think we can not decide here and now to change the all english start page to multilanguage (need a proposal to be sent to www-features team)

4) we can try out manualy linked features for some time and then look into technical issues and multilanguage start page again.

5) we should use a wiki page to coordinate translations (with a list of translators and a list of features that need translation), using irc as well

- An other issue raised but not further discussed was whether features should come (more) from local IMCs adapted for non local readers.

- More regular meetings were proposed, about once a month or so.

- IMC Germany needs translation for the NATO conference 7-9 february, see also #nato-conference.


-- XaRe - 02 Feb 2003
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