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Recently, there has been some really good discussion about what makes a feature. Take, for example, the post by anna which raised a concern about the Hamas feature and started off a recent thread:

  • i think we can agree that the situation in the middle east is terrible
and will deteriorate with this attack and that indymedia should cover it. but i think that indymedia is not the place for the same stories that we can find in the commercial media?


  • i tend to think that indymedia should not try to be better that the
mainstream in covering the same issues in the same way. that's not what we're good at - that is what they are good at. plus that people can read/watch/listen to the mainstream when they like - i don't think there are a lot of people in this world who have access to nothing but indymedia.

  • i prefer reporting 'from the streets', from social movements, from
independent journalists, activists.

  • i know this sounds simple and often it's not and hard to draw the line.

(apologies - not quite sure how to do quotes in twiki!)

There were a number of responses to this email:

  1. Bht
  2. Clara
  3. Blackbeard
  4. RetroDame - and max wrote in agreement
  5. Bht response to Retrodame

Going back further, I recall this similar discussion being had just recently when there was an article posted about postal bombs originating in Bologna, Italy - the thread started with an email by otted (well, actually began just before that) and continued with contributions from many: check the first part of the january archives by thread for much more reading!!

-- GarconDuMonde - 30 Mar 2004 - started page
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