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Welcome to the Main Page for Info and Coordination of all the Work for the Global Website and the related global Projects.

Q: What can I do?

A: There are many things todo, and because of the dynamic nature of things (everyone is working on many things at once), it is usually best that you first contact us directly in irc - either #tech or #features (scroll a bit down to see how to find us there).

Q: How can I Help with Tech and Admin Stuff?

A: There are basically two ways. First you can get in contact with a Local IMC near to you, or you can just get in contact with the teams looking after the site: these are the global features collectives (www-features and www-editoriales) and the global tech community. Any of these groups can be contacted in real time via #features or #tech, or you can mail one of the relevant lists: For more Tech Info goto to the ImcTech Site


There was a tech orientation recently. Also, see the Imc-Tech page on Getting Involved

Mailing list

There is a mailing list that you should join: (you can find subscription information at ).

Also see for older stuff.


Many of the people who are working on this project hang out on IRC (, channels #features and #tech), there are a number of nice people from all over the globe who can help you get involved, and get you up to speed on how things work.

Here is a document on how to get started using IRC, if you have never used it before - also check the SecureIRC how to.

Working Groups

Todo list / Wiki

There is a Todo list available on our Wiki, pick something on here to work on, put your name on it and get to work on it, or add something to the list that you think needs to be done.

Editorial / Features

  • PublishingFeatures - links related to the global website, including how to propose a global feature to the features working group.

Global Infos and Projects


Q: How can I become a mirror for the global site?

A: Follow the directions on the GlobalWebsitemirroring page to help alleviate our bandwidth problems: what a great way to donate!

Q: Which CMS is the Global Site using?


Q: Where can I find information about the Server?

A: The Server is called Edna. check Sysadmin for more infos and get in Contact with us for a Login

Q: Is there a Staging / Development Site ?

A: No, but the CVS is hosted on

  • RSS Syndication
  • Translation Support like BioTech IMC

Q: how is this all setup? what is special about the way mir is configured on edna? what is the status of things?

A: (insert your reports here)


So you think the page is ugly? So you have a good idea for some functionality for that you'd like to implement? Here is the place for you to get involved and see your ideas into frutition!

We really need people to work on the "Global templates", which are what create the look and feel and functionality.

Q: Where can i find the Templates for the Global Website?

A: The global Site is useing a CMS callled Mir with a the Freemarker template System. The Templates are on the site in CVS. Check EdnaDev for more Infos how to get the Files.

Bundle Translation

The multilingual parts (navigation) of the website as well as the text on the posting forms for articles and comments are stored in textfiles called language bundles.


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