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Summit Overview

You can drop on UnsortedG8Material all the Photos//Videos//Audios//Texts about the G8 in Evian and the contestation, in order to regroup all this material.

The G8/G21 Summit will be held in Evian, France from 1 to 3 June. Near the Swiss border, the following cities will see actions to protest the presence of the G8/G21 in the region:

Here are the logs and reports of the IRC meetings:

There are also some project specific pages here:

Additionally there are region-wide actions planned (such as the "ring of fire" planned around Lake Leman/Geneva.)

The authorities have planned to close several parts of the region, which is why there are no protests planned near Evian. Most of the French-Swiss border will be closed, as well as certain parts of Geneva (such as the zone around the WTO headquarters) and Lausanne (where many delegates are staying).

The G8 countries are: France, Canada, Japan, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States. The organizers have invited several observers, hence the term G8/G21. The following, plus Switzerland, is a list of invited observers:

"Emerging" Economies
  • Morocco
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • China

NEPAD Countries
  • Egypt
  • Algeria
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Senegal

Indymedia Overview

This is quick overview of the regional plans, all are subject to change so check it often. For more technical details look at the individual IMCs twiki pages: EvianAnnemasseG8, EvianGeneveG8, EvianLausanneG8.

Internal Communication

The participating IMCs are communicating with each other and with other IMCs in three ways: this page, mailing lists and IRC.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists being used: imc-g8-evian and imc-g8-evian-tech. To subscribe go here:


The channel #g8 on the Indymedia IRC servers is used by many of the coordinators. If you need instant satifaction, go there. For a quick tutorial on IRC go here: IrcHowTo.

  • IRC Server:
  • 1st Backup IRC Server:
  • 2nd Backup IRC Server:

Media Centers, or where we work

Not all of the Media Centers in the region will be Independent Media Centers. One media centers in Annemasse will be used by non-independent, corporate media and another one in Lausanne might be shared on a limited basis (a few hours). There are also some "official" press centers, but this page will not deal with those.

The following is a list of media centers by city during the G8:

  • Downtown IMC, 20 minutes walking from red zones, 10 minutes from the yellow zone (see maps below)
  • Lake IMC, 20 minutes from restricted zones (notice on EvianLausanneG8, see maps below)

  • L'Usine IMC (+video and radio studio)
  • Maison des Associations Coordination IMC
  • Alternative village IMC or place to camp IMC

  • Indoor media center, in the Gymnasium or in the Martin Luther King center where is it? (see maps below)
  • AAAV IMC (The Alternative Anti-Capitalist Anti-War Village, see maps below)
  • Airport convergence center (reception)
  • Intergalactic Village media center (no IMC planned, but perhaps ATTAC will have something, see maps below)

Indymedia Material on the G8

  • unsorted material can be dropped here: UnsortedG8Material
  • find the attempt to collect and sort the material here, sorted by day, kind of material, language, place of action, etc: EvianG8Material

Lodging, or where we dream (and sleep when possible!)

In the different autonomous villages, this is certain. Other sleeping quarters could be found if necessary. Most villages in Switzerland are still in the process of being created/accepted/organized, so all information here is subject to change. The following is a list of confirmed places by city. Further information can be found on the detailed pages for each city.


C'village - near the University

Official Village - Bourdonette, near the University
  • Created by the authorities, no communication with village organizers.

Other sites available for special cases, message

Tech - Use


Lodging Tech Wireless Connections


  • ?

Technical Information

Most technical questions are answered in the individual city pages or in the individual project pages. If not, please use the technical mailing list here:


Computers will certainly be brought by the Indymedia collectives in France and other countries. Attempts will be made to make sure that everyone will be connected, either through wireless wifi or ethernet connections. This should apply in all the villages and the media centers.

More specialized computers (for video, photography, etc...) will be brought by other associations and independant structures. There will be some equipment available on a limited basis in Lausanne, at least for video and photographic work.

More details on what is needed can be found in the individual city section: EvianAnnemasseG8, EvianGeneveG8, EvianLausanneG8.

Internet Connections

Every media center should be connected to the Internet. More details can be found in the individual city section: EvianAnnemasseG8, EvianGeneveG8, EvianLausanneG8.


PCs can be rented for 24 EUR each, without any deposit, in Annemasse and Geneva (maybe cheaper in Lausanne). There are about 25 computers left. The PCs are pentiums without a CD drive. (Is this right?)

Coming from Abroad

Visiting IMCs

The following collectives will have a presence (in alphabetical order):

  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • Euskal-Herria
  • France
  • Galiza
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingom

If you plan on coming the region during the summit, please add yourself to the list. Add details on what you plan to do to the individual city twikis (EvianAnnemasseG8, EvianGeneveG8, EvianLausanneG8) and try to inform the lists.

If you wish to be added to the above list, please add it here or send your infomation to the g8 list:

Other media activists

Countries present:

  • France
  • Switzerland

Distances and Travel Times

From l'Usine in downtown Geneva to/from the Aerodrome in Annemasse: 15 km, 30 minutes by car, 45 minutes during rush hour.

Lausanne to/from Geneva: 65 km, 45 minutes by car, 1 hour with heavy traffic. Slightly less by train, which leaves from each train station several times each hour. Geneva to/from Annemasse: 10 km

Long-Distance Transportation

More details can be found on the EvianAnnemasseG8 page. This is a short overview of possibilities:

-- TxopiTxopi - 28 May 2003 (some URL correction)
-- ChemaHernandez - 23 May 2003
-- BakBak - 19 May 2003 (geneva details and contact)
-- ChemaHernandez - 12 May 2003 (Organizing, details)
-- RomainChantereau - 09 May 2003

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