Hactivism Video (working title, see below)


Tech activism is one of the most important forms of activism, yet, the one that receives the least amount of attention. The purpose of this video is to give some of the issues a chance to be seen and explained by the activists working closely with them, as well as show how it ties together with other forms of activism and why non-techs need to be integrate some of these issues into their own forms of activism.

Arc of Ithaca IMC started this project winter 2002 and began filming early 2003. Filming continues, and the timeline continues to get pushed back as Ogg Theora continues to be delayed. All editing on the film is being done by Arc with a Gentoo Linux editing station that has been donated to IMC Ithaca. If you would like to contact Arc to submit footage email arc@indymedia.org.

Potential Issues and Events

  • Free Software (Creating the Alternative)
    • GNU & Free Software Foundation
    • Mark Taylor vs Thomson Multimedia
    • Xiph Foundation
    • deCSS
  • The Digital Divide (Breaking through gender, race, and class)
    • Genderchangers Workshop (Philly, PA?)
    • Training within african-american and latino communities
    • Computer recycling for Latin American IMCs
  • Guarding Privacy (Encryption and Security)
    • 2600
    • GNU Privacy Guard
    • Carnivore & Magic Lantern
    • "Trusted Computing"

San Fransisco Interviews

  • Katina Bishop <katina@eff.org> (Education/Activist, EFF)
    • Request Emailed Jan 7th
    • Avail. for interview in SF (need SF videographer)
    • Has footage of protests she's organized for EFF
  • Wendy Seltzer <wendy@eff.org> (Attorney, EFF)
    • Offered interview Jan 15th
  • Seth Schoen <schoen@eff.org> (Hacker, EFF)
    • Request Emailed Jan 15th
  • Claire Griffin <claire@comedia.com> (GNU Radio Developer)
    • Request Emailed Jan 3rd
    • Haven't heard back, emailed 2nd request Jan 7th
    • Was on vacation, catching up on email
    • Will reply within a week (Jan 8th)

Albuquerque Interview

  • Mark Taylor (Maintainer, LAME Project)
    • Cindy Hong <jadesister@ziplip.com> and Marcos Ramirez <thefedsknew@ziplip.com> finished Feb 24th
    • Tape received Feb 26
    • Copied by Ken Ritter -- ArcNLN - 03 May 2003
    • Need to return origional
  • Jack Moffitt (Xiph Project)
    • Rillian of Xiph agreed to interview -- ArcNLN - 05 Sep 2003

DC Interviews

  • Aaron <aaron@mutualaid.org>
    • Shy/Evasive, apparently not into being interviewed
  • DC Linuxchix
    • I emailed 1/5, no response yet.
  • DC WebWomen -- JohnWindmueller - 07 Jan 2003
    • Email sent Jan 7th requesting interview -- ArcNLN - 07 Jan 2003
    • Still no response -- ArcNLN - 10 Feb 2003

Boston Interviews

  • Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> (President, FSF)
    • Completed, 32mins (Arc, Imc Ithaca) -- ArcNLN - 03 Feb 2003
  • Christopher Mongomery <monty@xiph.org> (Lead Developer, Xiph)
    • Completed, 60mins (Arc, Imc Ithaca )-- ArcNLN - 04 Feb 2003
  • Miguel de Icaza
    • Completed, 24mins (Arc, Imc Ithaca) -- ArcNLN - 03 Feb 2003
  • Mark Weaver <mhw@netris.org> (Activist)
    • Completed, 59mins (Arc, Imc Ithaca) -- ArcNLN - 10 May 2003

NYC Interviews

  • Dan Miller <dan@on2.com> (Founder, On2 Tech)
    • Email to coordinate time
  • Jax <jaxie@hackermail.com>
    • Call or Email to coordinate time

Philly Interviews

  • Kristina Clair <k.clair@karl.serve.com> (Genderchangers)
    • Avail for Interview early Feb
    • Possible keysigning
    • Workshops March 5th, 12th, and 26th
    • May be able to get GCA Amsterdam footage
  • Eric Raymond <esr@thyrsus.com>
    • Emailed request Feb 10th
    • No response -- ArcNLN - 10 May 2003

European Interviews

  • Loic Dachary <loic@gnu.org> (Hactivist with FSF)
    • Request Emailed Jan 7th
  • Werner Koch <dd9jn@gnu.org> (GnuPG Developer)
    • Request Emailed Jan 7th
    • He's interested (Jan 8th)
    • Need to schedual interview in Desseldorf (near Cologne) Germany
    • Videographer needed in Germany, any takers?
  • Michael Roth <mroth@gnupg.org> (GnuPG Developer)
    • Request Emailed Jan 7th

Ithaca Interviews (last minute, to fill in coverage gaps)

  • Eric Skalwold <freedom@riseup.net> ("Non-Geek" NYFSS Activist)
  • Cornell professors
  • CSLUG geeks


  • Editing Software
    • Cinelerra (formerly known as Broadcast 2000)
  • Starts February 15th (filming continuing)
  • Must be complete by Ogg Theora release fall 2003


  • DV Tapes ($5/60min)
    • 5 tapes @ $5 apiece -- ArcNLN - 10 May 2003
  • Travel Expenses
    • $125 for greyhound tickets (trip 1/18 to 2/21)
  • Shipping costs for DV tapes
    • Two tapes to SF (Freekbox), unknown cost to return
    • Mark Taylor tape to NM IMC


  • Copyleft low bitrate stream for immediate online distro
  • Tape copy -> Copyleft in less than three years (copyright expiration)
  • Free screening copy for all IMCs
  • $20 retail, $10 to IMCs for resale
  • Institutional rate $100-$250 sliding scale


  • All net will go towards Monty, a proposed media archive server

The Name

Several people have expressed a concern over the name of this video, and I would have to say that "Hactivism" doesn't completely match what we're showing, tho it may with some segments. Possible alternative names and arguments for/against them:
  • Freedom Code
    • Sounds very "Sneakers"-ish
    • "Code" doesn't cover the networking and recycling aspects
      • Recycling aspects include use of Free Software, promotes freedom
    • More catchy, prehaps, than Hactivism
    • Fits with aalib-effects planned for use

Many details are missing, will be filled an as more information is available. Feel free to add your ideas to the list and sign your additions, ie:
  • My Great Idea -- ArcNLN - 03 Jan 2003
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