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How-to propose and post a feature?

These guidelines are for those from local IMCs who want to propose a single feature for, as well as for the members of the www-features collective.

Idiomas: Fran\xE7ais Portugu\xEAs-Brasil

For all other questions please contact or

If you are in doubt about any formatting, you can also open an existing feature and see how it has been done previously.

What should be in a feature?

Long title: This is your headline. It shouldn't be to long. In most cases it should be in a headline format, that is with a verb. (ie: not "Anti-War Protests At Major Universities," but instead: "Anti-war Protests Converge at Major Universities")

Sub title (aka Header): Country/Region of originating IMC, preferably with an embedded link to a local IMC, followed by a general topic description. This should all be in CAPS (for example: ITALY: ANTIWAR REPORT; see How-to Link). NOTE: the Header appears in the story before the Long Title.

*Image kiss Please provide the full URL of a picture to be uploaded for use in the feature. You do not need to crop the image -- MIR will automatically resize it to 160 pixels wide.

Abstract kiss This is the part of the feature that will appear on the front page. It should be of international relevance and understandable to all those that have not heard of your specific issue before. It is also the introduction and should give a brief idea of what the rest of the article is about. Including links to postings on local IMCs and other sources of independent media are preferred. *Overall, it should probably not be more than 150 words (more detail will be given in the main body of the feature if people are interested enough to click on "read more"). This blurb will be the priority for translations. Preferably, all links should be to independent organisations or media.

Content (aka "Body"): This is the part that is reached when people click on "read more" - and, in fact, the abstract is also visible. Do not include the text from the abstract in this section -- it will just repeat. There is no limit on length (although bear in mind it is more likely to be translated if shorter!). More links can be included here (including to more 'corporate' sources than are advised on the front page).

*Related links kiss Links to relevant IMC's or sources for more in-depth reading can be included in the Abstract or the Body. Do not include the same links in both places. Make the link title relevant (like the name of the website) and separate links with a " | " (on a pc you can use the alt command 636 to create the " | "; on a mac, it should be a button on the keypad).

NOTE: If you include links to postings in other lanuages or to pictures, video and audio files, please mark them with an photo/video/audio icon.

See Feature proposal example for an illustration of how to propose a feature.

Proposal Procedure

Anyone can propose a feature by sending it to, in English, or to in Spanish
  • Put PROPOSAL and the name of the feature in the subject line.
  • Anyone may react to this proposal by asking for further information or by making additions.
  • If no-one objects, the feature can be posted after 6 hours, taking into account remarks and questions.
  • If you propose a feature but are not going to post it yourself (because you do not have the password, access or time etc), please state so in your proposal.
  • If a feature is not posted even if no-one objected, it probably means that all those too few, too overworked volunteers overlooked it. Please send us a friendly reminder.

How-to ...

  • Make sure that you type the complete URL including the http:// part; for example
<a href="">include your link text here</a>
  • Please check your links before proposing a feature.

How-to put up images

  • Images are uploaded directly on Mir instead of using links to images on other sites.
  • Downlaod the image on your computer. In most browsers you can just right click on the image and then save it.
  • After putting the text of the feature in the admin interface, click on "upload" to give you the option to upload pictures.

How-to mark other languages

  • If you link to a text that is in another language than the feature, please mark it as such to warn readers.
  • include
with the appropriate two letter abbrevation instead of xx after the link - see the translation tool for codes.

Before a feature is posted in a language that uses accents, please make sure that you get turn the accents into HTML, like this: Saint-\xC9tienne needs to be written as Saint-& Eacute;tienne (but without any space between the & and the Eacute; parts). A list of these kinds of HTML entities can be found at

A good resource for getting translations is to use the new Translation Tool at - more information is available at TranslationToolDoc.

How-to include icons for photo, video or audio

  • include the following image tag
<img src="">
  • ...video_small.gif for videos, ...audio_small.gif for audio

How-to include translations

  • click on the "Add a translation" link that appears below the article on the startpage page, or on the top of the article page itself. You will be presented with a form that has a dropdown menu for you to choose the language (if it is not in the menu, choose "other" and type in the language in the space underneath) and spaces for you to put the translated title etc. Then, the original text appears (complete with html) - this can be useful to get image locations etc so that they also appear in the translation. Finally, there is a box to place the translation in with the option of posting in text or html format.
There is more info on translations in the section above: How-to mark other lanuages.


Feature proposals should currently be in at least English or Spanish (depending on whether they are sent to www-features or www-editoriales; if not, please try to provide translations to one of these languages. However, the original language may be anything - and, at the moment, the global homepage defaults to - the "original" language page. Options to choose different languages appear under each article or on the left hand side of the page under the independent media centre logo (note: if there is no translation in a particular language, the 'original' version will be displayed).

How-to avoid mailman considering your html to classify your email as spam

If you send a nicely prepared article according to all these nice instructions, rich in many html links so that the reader can think for him/herself, chances are your post will be classified as spam by spamassassin and held until a moderator turns up.

This is only an annoying, not a serious problem.

One easy solution is to post your text here on the twiki (e.g. on your local imc page - see Local) - you need to be careful with a few things, like do not break up <a href=... across two separate lines with an end-of-line break, since twiki will not understand it as html - and then post just a short message on www-features.

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