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To be involved in discussions about communication issues in the network you will probably want to join one of these discussion lists:

  • Imc-communication This list is for inter-IMC group communication. Posts, no matter how interesting, that are not concerned with inter-IMC communication should not be posted to this list.
  • CommworkWg This is a work list, which means we are a group of people ready to do some work to implement ideas on how to improve the IMC communications structure.
  • SummariesWg This list is for keeping the network better informed about goings on in indyworld.

IMC Communication List

This is the attempt to collect some material such as decision concerning and taken by the IMC Communication list/group and also some texts that are helpful for administrating the list.


On May 2002 there was a roll call in the list. The idea was to have a space for local imcs to share their opinion regarding the global network.

Live irc chat

server: irc.indymedia.org port 6667

channel: #communication

optional ssl port : 994 See: IRC

web interface: http://chat.indymedia.org

Communication Administration




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