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IMC Database Documentation

The IMC Database is a mysql database containing information on each IMC (active and requested alike), contact info and process documents submitted during the new-imc process (at least, those submitted after the db became operational), regional and other classification schemata, and info on the XML channels syndicated by the various IMCs. The database is hosted on the server "ramona" (RamonaInfo) and used by the imc-commwork, new-imc and syndication working groups.

Translate the database interface

We'd like to make the web application accessible to everyone. If you are able, please add a translation to this file: strings.txt (if possible use a color-coded text editor to avoid typos, and use HTML entity encoding). You can e-mail it to mark and/or imc-commwork (see below). Thanks!

How does it work?

IMC records are added to the database when someone fills out the form at -- the applicant is provided a password allowing her/him access to that entry in the database. Data (not necessarily in its entirety) can be viewed and edited via the links at the db web app. "Advanced" displays almost all the data fields in the IMC database, whereas by default these are limited to commonly used ones. After updates to the database are completed, an admin will need to "refresh cities" and "refresh contact" in order to push those changes live. By the way, to quickly go thru each and every IMC one at time (to review/add/update data), go to -- each time you click save, the oldest-modified IMC will pop up.

How to Syndicate your local features to the global newswire:

1. Go to and log in (email if you need a new password)

2. go to the 'edit channels' link which is at the top of the page

3. work out what software your site uses eg. active, mir, dada, oscailt

4. The URI will then have a form like this:

Osclait : http://www.(your_imc_name)

Dada : http://(your_imc_name)

SF Active : http://(your_imc_name)

Mir : http://(your_imc_name)/en/features.rss

5.fill in the fields.

6.Syndication channels: You can normally leave the aggregation level at 0. 1 is for channels aggregated from other sources, 2 aggregated from other aggregates, etc.

7. then click save and return to this page to make sure that you have a 'green smiley' next to your entry.

Your local features should now become global newswire articles...

Extra info:

URI is the URL of the rss/xml resource. Link, title, description, and language are harvested from the rss itself. If a channel has status "hidden," it does not appear on the list of active channels but is still in the db for potential use in the future. (See ImcInterchangeFormat for more about syndication.)

OK, what does it do?

The database is used to generate, which is included in the left-hand nav bar by most IMCs (Note: Only superusers can refresh the cities list!); cities.xml, an XML representation of this list; contact information for each IMC at; various public information pages at (e.g. a list of IMC newsfeeds at; and the right-column list of features from the local IMC sites on's front page. In an effort to make at least part of the database available in XML format, citiesinfo.xml is regenerated each day. You can send e-mail to all official IMC contacts. Many other potential uses exist.

The info in the imc table is used for, whereas the info in the contact table is confidential, for internal use only.

An XML listing of the info needed by is maintained at volunteer.php (change the php to xml to access a cached version).

But... I can't login!

If you would like a login, please email the applicable global working group --,, or Each login is assigned to an imc (or superuser) and can edit all entries for that imc.

Info on user access

See the user list: regular users are restricted to editing just one IMC. Those with access to all data are called superusers. When superusers add new users or edit existing users, they use the "restrict to" dropdown menu to associate a user with her/his IMC. If a user is not assigned a specific IMC, the user becomes a superuser. The my imc page automatically provides links for each user to edit her/his user and IMC info.

To-do List

  • List by region and subregion.
  • Figure out how to store timezone info. Done!
  • Write code to pull XML channels, extract title and other fields, and update database. Done!
  • Add XML item tables linked to XML channel table.


Checkout with:
svn checkout

The web application is in maintained in a SVN repository at

There used to be a Bugzilla but no one used it so it's down until needed again...

-- MarkB - 26 Dec 2002

-- MarkB - 29 Aug 2003 (now storing timezones)

-- MarkB - 23 Jul 2004 (hosted on edna/noam not stallman; removed link to syndication.php3, currently offline -- but probably worth restoring?)

-- PaulWise - 08 Feb 2005 Fixed a coupla urls

-- MarkB - 25 May 2005 XML feeds (channels) are now parsed (as well as validated) and the database updated.

-- mayler- added some practical info on how to set up syndication.

-- MjR - 28 Sep 2005 - added link to syndication homepage
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