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Imc Editorial Collection

This page hosts documents about the never-ending argument on free speech, open publishing, censorship, and so on. What is OP? What means censorship? What solutions have hundreds of imc activists around the world found ? Is IMC open to anybody or the hate postings draw the line?


Trend Toward More Editorial Control - an account of a trend toward more editorial control

BasicEditorialPolicy is a wiki workspace for collaboratively building a basic editorial policy that many IMCs may wish to adopt. See the backgrounders at http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-process/2004-May/005744.html and http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-process/2004-May/005804.html for more information on this project.

Please visit BasicEditorialPolicy and add your own comments, or post them to imc-editorial(at)lists.indymedia.org.
-- GuamaniaN - 04 Jun 2004

Victoria IMC - Editorial Policy 2.0 - Activist Publishing

The Victoria IMC Collective has decided to focus on \x91Activist Publishing\x92, with an emphasis on local material that is relevant and useful to our audience of progressive Vancouver Island social and political activists. As part of this transformation, we have decided to reduce the 'noise-to-signal' ratio on the Victoria IMC web site by adopting the following editorial policy, which we believe best balances the IMC 'Open Publishing' tradition with the real needs of Victoria's activist community. View the full policy at: http://victoria.indymedia.org/features/indymedia/
-- GuamaniaN - 06 Apl 2004

-- BliceroBlicero - 21 Aug 2003 -- GuamaniaN - 04 Jun 2004

If you are an editor of an IMC newswire with at least a year of experience, both in editing or moderating the newswire and participating in the IMC local collective, your assistance is requested.

I am trying to edit a useful description of newswire editing and front-page feature editing titled "Collective News Selection and Editing (Rotation)" for "Liberating Voices" DIAC-02.

DIAC-02 is a project of the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), to record a "pattern language" of successful online social organizing methods. The different "patterns" are like recipes, and the "pattern language" is like a cookbook.

John entered the pattern into the DIAC-02 site because there was no other IMC representation in the site at the time. The good news is, the pattern has been accepted into the language. However, it's somewhat simplistic and doesn't represent a range of relevant experiences.

To help out, please edit the following document:


Thank you.

-- JohnKawakami - 01 Jul 2005
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