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This is somewhere to discuss the setting up of a / web site.

This idea was suggested on the global print site.

Email list

An imc-photos email list has been be set up, the following text was used with the application for the list:

This list is to discuss and plan the establishment of a global IMC photo exchange system, loosely based on the same premise as the photo wires used by other, more mainstream global news groups like the Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, and others. By providing an easily postable and searchable interface, regional IMCs, as well as the global site, will be more able to provide regional, national, and global news coverage on their websites and print projects. If IMCistas at various offices know that they can go to a site and quickly find both web and print-resolution graphics, they are more likely to try and integrate those graphics into their coverage, knowing that it won't be a long a futile search when they're under deadline. This list is to plan the establishment of that site and project, as well as to discuss any suggestions and proposals people may have as to how it should be done.

Start punching phones and typing emails, get some folks involved with this project! Setting up something like this is another step towards tightening the connections between regional IMCs and promoting solidarity among communities separated by geographical distance and a lack of local news coverage.

IRC #photo

Some people have started a #photo irc channel on where this idea can be discussed.


Outreach work need to be done and outreach texts can be sorted on the PhotosOutreach page.

New Project / domain name

When this idea is more concrete then an application should be put through NewProject for the domain name.

There are some note and a todo list for this on the NewProjectPhoto page.

One issue that should be discussed is Copyright / Copyleft, this issue is mentioned on the ImcLegal page.

Italy IMC uses this note: "\xA9opyright :: Independent Media Center. All content is under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0" — this might be the best thing to do for this project?


What software should the site run? There are loads of photo gallery scripts on freshmeat...

A list of possible software that could be used for the site, please add to this list if there is an application you want to suggest:


Mir is the software that runs the the global site and it can produce thumbnails (see the Portland site for an example) and does have a newswire and features facility, supports multiple languages and generates static HTML that is good for mirroring. Topics can be set up and also regions (see the UK site for an example of this).

A test Mir install is being documented on ImcPhotoMirInstall.


Where could this be hosted? It would be nice to have mirrors at ibibilo and ... This would suggest that perhaps a script that produces static HTML might be best to simplify the setting up of mirrors.

Site Structure and requirements

How should be site be organised?

This site would primarily be a way to archive existing photographs. It would not be very different from a standard photo gallery or an IMC site.

In its most basic setup, we could just create a site with cascading galleries of photos, organized by region, date, subject, or any combination of those or other qualities.

Event based structure? Organised by place, date or photographer?

Allow pages for individual IMCs Such as, we at have a small server that cannot allow for much in posting many or large photos. We also have no current way of highlighting the work of the Photo Group. something like: would be prefect! Then let each IMC photogroup design a template or style or look that would integrate with the home IMC's site

Directories for each IMC?

Stock photos?

This kind of site is designed to share images for people to use for a particular story -- i.e., need an IMC photographer "in action" or photos of transit protests. Less focused on a specific event, usually, although no need to make it hard to find a particular event.

  • Searchability


Like a stock photo site, but more internal. Aimed mostly at finding where your own photos are for that important a headshot or a picture of a particular building downtown. Newspapers have a morgue of all the photographs that they shot that they can search for their needs for a particular story.

I am with the print group that is working on an alternative weekly called the Washington Spark. We are very much into some kind of set up where ALL the print groups could share hi-resolution photos. Having hi-res photos on hand for the usual suspects (landmarks, politicians, corporations, etc.) would really help all the indy newpapers, especially ones on tight deadlines.

Features and Newswire Split?

What seems to make the most sense when it comes to access is that anyone with moderator or editor responsibilities at local IMCs could be the ones authorized to post to the site. This could be in addition to an open photo newswire, but I think that having a section limited to editorial posts will make it easier to sort through some things.

IMC photo lists — these lists should be contacted about this project idea.

What other projects are there that are related to this?

-- ChrisC - 03 Apr 2004
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