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IMC Press Working Group

Along with the seizure of two indymedia servers in London it seemed necessary to start a working group which can react to questions by other media, and so the IMC Press Group came into being.

It was considered useful to start a different group for different incidents - to avoid being quoted as 'the indymedia spokesperson' In the case of the seized ahimsa server for example we suggest that everyone who speaks with other media should do this in the name of the 'Ahimsa Seizure Press Group': AhimsaSeizurePressGroup

There is a mailing list to coordinate the work of the press group. This currently has closed archives (to subscribers only); subscription is based on trust:



Roll Calls

Meeting Notes:

Here is one proposal in progress for writing and distributing press releases

Three background assumptions:

  • There is a collectively maintained Indymedia press distribution list (IMC-presslist) to serve all members of the global network.
  • This proposal is concerned only with sending out press releases that affect Indymedia as a global network.
  • Press releases are not intended to represent local IMCs and there are is no fixed group of spokespersons.


  • (i) Indymedia members draft a press release (PR) on the wiki and propose it to the IMC-press list.
  • (ii) Using this list and IRC, members work together to edit the PR on the wiki.
  • (iii) Once those individuals have come up with something they're happy with they announce it to this list along with their desire to send the PR to global IMC press distribution list.
  • (iv) Members of the IMC-press list then have 8 hours to raise and address final concerns unless this release is deemed "urgent," in which case a "sufficient" number of folks will work to reach consensus on the PR using the IRC channel. (note: "urgent" and "sufficient" need to be defined)
  • (v) Once 8 hours have passed and there are no objections, or if the group reached consensus on an "urgent" PR, one of the IMC-presslist moderators then sends out the release, perhaps in addition to other press w.g. members who might have other press contacts/lists.

(There is a concern about the 8 hour timeframe since sometimes we need to be faster than that.)


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