Introduction and Overview

IMC-Process is one among the few key lists of the indymedia network. All new imcs are asked to have at least one person subscribed to IMC-Process. IMC-Process is also the place where new imcs get the "official approval" into the IMC network (previous steps and internal approval are dealt by the new-imc mailing list).

List Management

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In the past, there have been problems with the list being overrun with long, monolingual emails that were cross-posted across several lists. This made discussion difficult to follow for many people and led to escalation of disputes, rather than resolution. In the Summer of 2005, the list guidelines were clarifed (via a group/liaison proposal and with no dissent) -

The guidelines that specifically refer to IMC-Process are:

  • IMC-Process should be a liaison list (with one or more liaison per imc). By 'liaison', we mean a person who will take discussions from global lists to local lists, and from local nodes back to global lists, and that in emergency or very specific situations can make decisions. As with any rule in the network, this should be regarded more as a guideline than as a rule, and so obviously third-party intervention or individual reflection of particular interest should be approved by moderators (if translated to the proper languages and containing a summary as heading, see below).

  • Make a new call to request local imcs to choose one or more liaison(s) on IMC-Process. We think the fact of not having a voice in the global decision making process is sufficient "punishment" not to need to threaten each local IMC which do not comply with any kind of censure.

  • To include in any mail to IMC-Process a summary before anything else, to make a thread easier to read.

  • On IMC-Process, require all messages should at least be translated, including at least either Spanish or English as one option. This can be expressed by the following simple formula: [english OR spanish] AND [another language] Liaisons should wait until they have both language versions before sending a mail to the list. Even if this makes discussion slower, at the same time it allows more people to participate in and understand what is going on. For smaller groups unable to provide translations themselves, the Translation Tool can be used to get good quality translations. Machine translations should not be used.

  • Emails rejected by the list-administrators will be forwarded to the imc-process-facilitate list along with the reason for rejection.

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