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Proposed New Imc process for the UK: I understand what the aim was but the 'last word' in new imc list was that, to get a domain like,, london would have to go through the global process, and to get a subdomain like london would only have to go through the uk process. The other point raised is to inform new-imc list, but only aiming as sharing of processes and transparency, not aiming at getting recognised in that list just because a group would be accepted through 'our' process.

1. Hold a advertised public meeting to discuss the possibility of IMC in your area, (at least 6 people must attend)(and exchange e-mail addresses)

2. Request a mailing list - as the group updates on that meeting.

3. draft a mission statement/ editorial guidelines/ agree to principles of unity.

4. submit mission statement to imc uk process list and request a development page of the UK website (not hyperlinked to uk frontpage but otherwise a working site)

sb adds: not sure quite what is meant here does that mean on dev server to test or on live site and how would that be done on live site.

5. After 10 days with no objections, the new group is welcomed into UK indymedia.

6. Liaison/s to update new-imc and imc-process lists.

Sam's view is that you need at at a bare miniumum six committed people to run a IMC webpage. To make it too easy is actually unfair on the new groups who will then struggle with inadaquate help.

Added from Sam's document -- AnA - 01 Aug 2004
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