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Indymedia Video Distribution Network

Contact us on IRC.indymedia.org #ivdn or by email imc-video@lists.indymedia.org

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Introduction of a Indymedia Video Distribution Network (IVDN)

Translations of this Text are here: IVDNIntroTranslations

What is the Idea?

The Goal and Idea of the Video Network is the distribution of High Quality Videos (vhs/dvd quality) over the Internet. It is based on the Open Publishing principle of Indymedia and will allow the Publishing of Copyright Free Videos under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/1.0/)

The IVDN Project will also bring the diffrent Indymedia- and Alternative-Video Projects together on one Site using Content Syndication. Main Part of this Syndication is a Video-Wire from all the Local IMC's and other alternative Video Projects (in the style of the featureswire on indymedia.org). All articles go also in a Database so we can make a search-engine that allows searching through video content of ALL IMC's and alternative Video Projects.

To decentralize the Load and Bandwith will we use a Network of Collecting- and Publishing Server. The content that's published get pushed to both high-bandwidth mirrors (i.e. Archive.org & Ibiblio) and various p2p networks. This would allow Imc to finally be able to do massive online distribution of our video projects.[1] The Goal is that any kind of alternative Video Project is seting up a Video Collector and Publishing / P2P Server. This IVDN Project is "just" another Node in this Network.

This Idea is based on the Idea of the v2v.cc Project. It is a combination of v2v.cc and the Indymedia Open Publishing principle.

What will the Project Provide?

The Project at all has three Parts.

  • The Video Authors / Video Sources
  • A Network of Video Collecting Server
  • Publishing Servers for Video Downloads using the Normal (http/ftp) and P2P Download Technic.

At the Moment the IVDN Project will Setup one of these Video Collector with a Open Publishing FTP. This Server will also host the IVDN Website. For Publishing we will use the P2P Networks, archive.org and ibiblio.org. Any other Publisher is more then Welcome.

The Publishing-Process looks like this:
  • Get a One-Time Login for the Open FTP on the Website
  • Upload the Video via a Open Publishing FTP to a Video Collecting Server.
  • Enter the Metadata for the Video on the Website
  • The Collector will Transport the Videos to the different Publishing Server and P2P Networks.
  • After this Process the Videos are Linked on the Startpage of the IVDN Website.

What is the Current Status of the Project ?

At the Moment are we ready to setup a site on the new server, wich will be ready in the next Days. Most of the Site Layout and Code is finished and with all the help and code from v2v we are also ready to start the P2P Node. Or in a more simple term: Most of the Tech-Stuff is done, we are just waiting for the Server.

What we propose

  • The site gets live under video.indymedia.org & ivdn.indymedia.org.
  • We keep developping the software.
  • We'll write documentation on the software & will look for as much translations as possible.
  • We promise to try to make an alike system for audio.
  • We communicate and coordinate the project with other video projects

What we need


Some things are left for final launch of the project:

  • FTP and Webserver! (Diskspace! ftp upload, php, mysql,freebsd)
  • Outreach: Coordination and Communication with all the People wich are Interested to Join the Project.
  • Article for www.indy with a Summary of the IVDN Project
  • Principles of Unity / Mission Statment
  • Moderation Process (we also need a Simple Admin)
  • Proposal to the IMC-Process for the Project IVDN and the Domain video.indymedia.org

Principles Of Unity

  • Video.indymedia.org POU
    • Everyone can join the ivdn-team (=the mailinglist) if
      • he/she wants to work on developping the code, doing sysadmin work or outreach.
      • he/she wants to work in a 'team' (we don't need solo-ists).
      • he/she is committed to the use of Open Source/Free Software (we accept both bsd & gpl-nazi's smile , in order to develop the digital infrastructure, and to increase the independence of the network by not relying on proprietary software.
    • Non Indymedia collectives are welcome too as long as they accept our POU & are non commerical.
    • We decide in consensus. If consensus is impossible we can fallback on supermajority.
      • Everyone who is an active participant can take part in the decision-taking-process. If you're not doing actual work, you can't (we think the people who do the work should decide, not the ones who write the most e-mails).
    • We'll organise on both a mailinglist and on irc in #ivdn.

Imc Membership Criteria

  • We agree with all points of the MembershipCriteria, as far as they're applicable.
    • We can't do real life meetings since we're a global project
    • We do 'Open Publishing', but it's limited to (high-quality) video (since that's the scope of the project).


IVDN Overview Diagram


Project Status and Updates

All Coordination and Status Updates go to imc-video@lists.indymedia.org

Last Update: 2005-08-05


  • Setup the Video Server (See IVDNServerSetup) (Server is UP! DONE)
  • Write the Proposal eMail to IMC-Process (DONE)
  • Setup a Mailinglist http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/ivdn-tech for IVDN Development and technical Coordination (DONE)
  • Create the Subdomains ivdn.indymedia.org and video.indymedia.org (DONE)
  • Translate video.indymedia.org into es, it, fr, etc pp..
  • Finish first InDeCS Realese with Main Functions and Mirror Scripts. That Includes Auto Upload to archive.org and creation of Torrent Files. (Contact OccAm for more Infos)
  • switch the template system to TAL (http://phptal.motion-twin.com/ and http://zpt.sourceforge.net/) since this is the only?? template system we can use under python and php.
  • rewrite of the nimiq producer in python
  • rewrite the upload procedure. step 1: enter the metadata, step 2: attache the videos
  • Add more Translations Features to Nimiq (http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/nimiq)
  • Get in Contact with ibiblio.org for Server-Space (pietro did that, with no luck)
  • Setup a Bit-Torrent Server on ahimsa-web4, ahimsa-web1 is to slow for btlaunchmany.py
  • Collect Ideas about a Distribution Network for VHS Tapes and SVCD, DVD (Video Contact Database?!)
  • Spam eMail to every Video Project we know, with Infos about IVDN
  • Connect to the Local IMC Video Projects
  • Connect to the alternativ non-comercial Video Projects


  • First IVDN Meeting: IVDNVideoMeeting200501 2005-01-08 21:00 GMT
  • There's a proposal to find a semiregular IRC meeting time, see Open Space/Proposals below

Cooperation with Archive.org

Brief Synopsis of the Coorporation of archive.org and indymedia

  1. Intro: How can Archive.org and Indymedia Work together (DONE)
  2. Process: How will the Upload Process look like (DONE) XML-Inteface archive.org
  3. Proposal: Writing a Email to all Local IMC's and the Video Projects about the Process (Todo)
  4. Setup the Upload to Archive.org for the Local IMC's (Todo)


Proposal to IMC-Process and IMC-Video

Server support from Internet Archive

Server support from Ibiblio


People and Projects

  • Brad (IA Coordination)
  • Jon (IA Tech)
  • J from V2V
  • MarkB (Indy Coordination San Francisco)
  • OccAm (Indy Coordination, Video Server Admin)
  • PseudoPunk (Video Server Admin)
  • LeXi (Coder)
  • GuiDo
  • SdLotus (coder, ftaaimc video, sdimc video and tech)
  • Maruls (Video Buenos Aires)
  • Ben (IMC UK Video)
  • Mick Fuzz (UK: undercurrents and European newsreal)
  • Schock (US: Miami Model video)
  • And_ (Oceania Newsreal)
  • MayleR (promoter? email monkey?)
  • you smile

Contact us on IRC.indymedia.org #ivdn !! http://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=ivdn


It will be important to extend distribution of indymedia video beyond the internet. Probably the best is to establish networks of distro nodes with videos sourced from areas where fat pipes (ie adsl and better) is available. Some more ideas about this here:

Open Space

Editorial Team proposal

Schock: 2005.26.7: This is a formal proposal to create a video.indymedia.org editorial team. The proposal comes out of a meeting on video.indy at the 2005 Allied Media Conference in Bowling Green, Ohio, and a follow-up IRC conversation with Occam. The elements are as follows:
  • 1. Editorial team. We will formally establish an editorial team for video.indymedia.org. The editorial team will function according to your usual Indymedia principles (open, consensus, etc). The role of the editorial team is the same as that of the editorial team for any indymedia site: to go over the content posted and pulled to video.indy, to highlight exceptional content (create 'features'), and to hide spam (and probably porn and hate speech, pending creation of an editorial policy, see next point).
  • 2. Editorial policy. The first task of the Editorial team will be to write a short, clear, statement of editorial policy that will be posted in an easy to find place on video.indy. The editorial policy can be adapted from one of the many existing IMC editorial policies and should probably include some mention of how we will hide spam, porn, and hate speech. It should also mention licensing (copyleft, CC, GNU, etc. are all acceptable).
  • 3. Features. In the long run, many of us share a vision of features that would themselves be collectively edited videos featuring clips, samples, and entire docs pulled from the video wires. However, while there are a lot of great recent developments in web tools that will make this possible in the not so distant future, there's still a lot of coding to be done before it's possible. So for now, features will be based on the familiar indymedia feature format: a few sentences of text with an image and links. These features will describe and highlight fresh, interesting video content from the indymedia network.
  • 4. How to make the features. The editorial team will make features by editing a dedicated editorial feature page on the video.indy wiki. Occam will make an include script so that the text on this video.indy editorial feature wiki page is pulled to a startpage special that appears in a box at the top of video.indymedia.org. This will be ready in 2 weeks.
  • 5. Meetings. The editorial team will make a regular IRC / Skype meeting time, which will be posted in an easy to find spot on video.indy, so that people can get involved with the editorial team if they like. For now, the editorial team will also communicate via the mailing list imc-video AT lists.indymedia.org (if that becomes a problem we'll create a separate video editorial list) and in the chat room #ivdn (#video might be more intuitive) on irc.indymedia.org.

Ideas and Requests

...Please add your ideas here...

  • Schock: 2005.7: video.indy should support more flexible upload options:
  • 1. upload files (current ftp system or otherwise - why do we use ftp instead of standard IMC publishing form, browse, select file?) (http forms don't support a resume of a upload. try to upload a > 50M file, it will fail for the most users.)
  • 2. upload torrents
  • 3. submit a reference URL to an already published file (See mark's comment below.)
  • 4. submit a video feed.

  • Schock: 2005.7: Yesterday I downloaded FireANT: http://www.antisnottv.net/. I soon realized that https://video.indymedia.org/global.rdf is not correctly feeding to that or similar apps. Seems like a damned good idea to build on that or another app for people to download, that lives on their machine and automatically pulls video content. One thing missing is integration w/VLC so that you could click into fullscreen.

  • Pabs: 2004-12: I had an idea to tie IVDN into meetspace more (while looking at beyondtv.org): ways for people to post places they can get a copy from and places where the video is being screened. These would of course be voluntary for ppl who download stuff, but I think this could be really useful for people on dialup, perhaps combined with mini maps of the planet even. People can of course use comments for this, but it would be better to have something designed for the task.

  • mark: 2004-12: Import of a Video from other Sites like archive.org which has XML Files with the Description. Create Torrent for it and share it into the IVDN Network. http://www.archive.org/download/UNIQUENAME/UNIQUENAME_files.xml and _meta.xml so you could just click publish on video.indy and type in the uniquename you want to add. The meta and files xml look like they have everything we could possibly need.. Probably some new fields would need to be added to the video.indy database in order to replicate the files.xml and meta.xml schema.


Everyone is welcome to help with the Website: Translation and Layout files will be on codecoop soon.... http://codecoop.org/projects/ivdn-website/ http://video.indymedia.org

If you want to test your changes you have to install nimiq on your computer. More Infos about that in the Nimiq CVS on nongnu. http://savannah.nongnu.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs/nimiq/nimiq/

  • IVDNWebsiteAbout Text for the About Page on video.indymedia.org
  • IVDNWebsiteHelp Space for any kind of Video Help: Encoding, Recording, Video Editing, Software, Upload Problems, etc pp...
  • IVDNWebsiteSyndication List of links to Video Projects, wich get included into the Video Wire, or wich just get listed like radio stations on radio.indy
  • ...



The CMS is a complete new development since there was no CMS that has the core features. (Static Producing (No, NO caching, static HTML sites, we need to be able mirror stuff to other server very fast and easy - and from the expierence of the last years static .shtml sites are the best.. you will value that if the FBI takes your box.), Video Upload by FTP, etc)

The CMS is coded as OO based php4, you will find the CVS on nongnu here: http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/nimiq

Component Parts


A Collector is a LAMP Server wich provides a FTP, Web and P2P (Bit Torrent perferd) Server. On a typical IVDN Server running the follwing Apps.

Nimiq (Video Content Mangement System, CMS)

Nimiq is a PHP based CMS wich handles FTP Uploads and the Description of the Uploaded Content. It Stores the Metadata Into a MySQL Database and can create a static HTML Website, RDF, RSS Feeds, etc via a Producer. The static generated Website can be Mirrord with rsync. Nimiq has also a dynamic Search over the Metadata and a Admin for editing the Metadata and Status of a Video.


Wirefetch (RSS Feed Syndications)


Wirefetch is a RSS/RDF Feed grabber wich crawls a bunch of Video Feeds to create a own Video-Wire like the Newswire form the global Indymedia Website. Wirefetch also stores the Infos from the Feeds into a MySQL Database.

InDeCS (Indypendent Decentral Content Syndication)


InDeCS is a Tool to create a Network of Server which flexibly Mirror there Content between each other. Every Indecs Server shares the Information about new Content. Based on rules the Server decides if a he Mirror the new Content. These Rules are based on the Metadata of a Video, like Event, Topic, Author, Group, Size. Indecs can Publish/Upload a Video to Download/Publishing Server via FTP, while the Content Transfer in the Network will happen via P2P Networks.

The combination of Nimiq and InDeCS allows it to have different Setups.

Setup A: Nimiq only for internal usage in a Project, or direct Download from a Website if there is enough Bandwidth.

Setup B: InDeCS only to simply Mirror all or some Content

Setup C: Nimiq and InDeCS together as complete Video Distribution. Check this diagram to see how Nimiq and InDeCS work together



Yahoo Movie

http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/mrss http://participatoryculture.org/feeds.php

Upload Process

The Upload to Archive.org has two Steps.
  1. Upload of the File via FTP
  2. Setup of the Metadata for this File.
For both steps did you need a Account on archive.org

File Upload via ftp macro

The *nix ftp command has a macro and autologin function which you can also use to upload a file.

  • Create a User like "archive"
  • su - archive
  • touch ~/.netrc
  • chmod 600 ~/.netrc (thats needed, ftp will abort without that)
  • vi .netrc
machine audio-uploads.archive.org
login yourlogin
password yourpass
macdef arcup
mkdir $1
cd $1
put $2
[... some empty lines here... ]  
  • echo "\$arcup remote_dir test.file" | ftp -v audio-uploads.archive.org

Note: The remote_dir has to explain the content of the File!. Use something like imc-short_test.file


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