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The idea behind this initiative is to summarize the present lists, their functions, the reason they exists and the mechanism they should use to work (if they have an official or unofficial one) We will furthermore specify the level of use of a single lists. THe idea is that this quick survey can be used in the near future to identify the main network discussion and decision making places so as to make the communication infrastructure of the network clearer and easier to interact with. We will only take care of global/regional lists, leaving local imc lists to the individual collective to take care of. We will describe only the lists that have some relevance in terms of the communication structure of the network Listwork working group is already working on a cleanup of the present lists (envisioning the closing of the dead list)


  • name
  • description
  • official role for the list
  • nature of the list (public, private, invite :))
  • process used on the list
  • current state of activity
  • suggestions


The most obvious, well-functioning global lists

imc-process-work ->

"This list is a \'working list\', facilitated to focus discussions on selected topics.

All imc participants are welcome to join and participate. The list is structured to serve the same purpose to a face-to-face meetings: to develop and work through an agenda using consensus discussion processes. The unity principle inspiring imc- process-work is to facilitate equal participation by a diversity of individual imc participants who openly express their views. The process work list is facilitated by a team of volunteer facilitators as proposed in the SF-imc proposal on process moderation: October/004095.html The SF proposal will be developed with further discussions."

this list has just been created.

4 subscriptions

imc-process-facilitation ->

"This list is a place for ongoing discussions about imc process list facilitation. Imc participants interested in the process of facilitation are encouraged to subscribe or read through the archives of imc-process-facilitate. This list is suggested as particularly for issues relating to facilitation of the process lists. The resolve list is for a wide variety of conflict resolution issues in locals and the network."

5 subscriptions

imc-process ->

"People have used imc-process as a place to discuss the organizational structure of Indymedia. Lately people on imc-process have been focusing on the approval of new applications for local IMC sites and what 'being an IMC' entails. People are also posting process documents and having process discussions on the web at"

This list has been pointed out as a decision making tool for the global indymedia network. Every new imc is encouraged to have at least one member subscribed to this list, acting as a link (liaison) between the network and each local imc. This is supposed to guarantee that every local imc and every working group is aware of the discussions going on and the decisions that have to be made. Subscription to this list is open to individuals as well, although every imc is encouraged to take collective stands about the most important topics. This list hasn't been working properly for quite a long time now, so it has been decided to facilitate it. Hopefully this will help it to become a more democratic, open and encouraging discussion space for the local imcs and working groups.

The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

imc-finance ->

This list has recentely been empowered to take network-wide financial decisions. As with imc-process, every new imc (as well as every existing one) is encouraged to have at least one member subscribed. Guidelines for fundings haven't been established yet, and this should be a major step to take in the near future. Subscription to this list is subject to approval, so you'll need to make a roll call explaining why you're subscribing.

This list is working fine.

The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

imc-communication ->

"This list is for inter-IMC communication. Posts, no matter how interesting, that are not concerned with inter-IMC communication should not be posted to this list."

Currently i'm not sure about the purpose of this list. I think imcs and wgs are requested to have a liaison subscribed to this list, but i don't know why. And mostly, it's not clear the difference between imc-process and imc-communication, since many messages are cross-posted on both the lists, with the discussion only happening on process.

86 subscriptions

Suggestions: i think we need to sort out the differences between imc-communication and imc-process, we need to define a purpose for this list and we need to write a precise and up-to-date description for it, so that we can start using it properly and effectively.

imc-commwork ->

52 subscriptions

new-imc ->

"This is the mailinglist for the discussion about new-imc's and the contacts between the "new imc working group" and the new-imc's. People can subscribe freely to this list. We only ask when you subscribe you introduce yourself to this list. This is the list of a working group. People are on this list in the first place to do some work. You can easily check the archives, without being subscribed. Esta es una lista para debatir sobre los nuevos imc's propuestos y qu\xE9 contactos existen entre el grupo de trabajo "new imc" y los imc's que quieren llegar a serlo. Cualquiera puede suscribirse a la lista. Solo te pedimos que te presentes. Como somos la lista para coordinar el grupo de trabajo "new imc", si est\xE1s en esta lista es para hacer algo. Puedes consultar los archivos sin necesidad de estar suscrit@."

This list is meant to help local collectives to get new imcs running. The new-imc volunteers will help the collectives get through the various steps of the approval process. this list is rocking and would probably be glad to welcome new volunteers.

The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

imc-legal ->

"With increasing raids on the IMC, guest appearances by the law enforcement at various IMC offices, this list has been created to address some of those issues. The list should facilitate discussion on proactive measures IMC's can take in face of the current repression the governments and corporations are taking in trying to silence the IMCs. Follow up on legal scenarios that have taken place can also be discussed on this list. Lawsuits are filed, but what ever really happens after that? Are they settled or dismissed or still working their way through the complex legal systems they get entrenched in?"

The current archive is only available to the list members.

The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

imc-tech ->

"This is the list for people who are working on general indymedia technical issues and programming concerns. There is also a list for people working on the web code that underlies the indymedia sites at"

imc-tech is the list where discussions on all the technical side of indymedia sites are discussed; from code to temp problems with a site, to complains, this list is the place to post them and discuss them The list is public and its archives are pubblic as well. Usually there is no need for a process, since the first who manages to have information or to be able to solve a specific problem will either take the responsability to solve the problem itself or will give a possible solution to a problem. it's working fine smile The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

Trying to sort out other global lists

clearly being used

imc-satellite -> "Welcome to the IMC Satellite mailing list!" newsreal-related list. it's working. yeah! wink The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

imc-proposals -> "This list is for proposals ONLY. Only proposals that working groups (i.e. the people working on each of the Indymedia mailing lists) have made with the intent of being brought back to local IMCs for feedback will appear on this list. Each local IMC should have someone on this list, and when a proposal appears s/he should raise the issue in his/her local IMC. We are moving toward developing a place for focused discussion of these proposal, and to creating a decision-making process for how to put these discussions into action. This list is for formal proposals ONLY, not discussion of those proposals, which will take place on another list." this list is used to send out "official" communications to the whole imc network. The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

imc-video -> "Welcome to the IMC Video mailing list!" general video list serve. huge amount of spam, but also discussions going on. The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

imc-tech-solidarity -> "Ongoing efforts to send computer equipment to IMCs and communities in the global south. For details, or to participate, please visit:" this list is rocking smile 26 subscriptions

imc-sysadmin -> "Welcome to the IMC Sysadmin mailing list!" working fine smile The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

imc-summaries-wg -> "This list is for keeping the network better informed about goings on in indyworld." this list has just been created. hopefully it'll be used for the imc-commwork project of enocuraging other lists and wgs to compile regular summaries. 1 subscription

imc-summaries -> "This list is for regular summaries of the activities of various indymedia mailinglists and working groups. If you want to know what's happening in indymedia land but can't keep up to date with the thousands of emails this is the place for you. If you are on an indymedia mailinglist and believe that indymedia should be a transparent democratic organization then you should be contributing to this list. It's easy! Every week you look over what's been discussed on a list you're on. Pick out the most important things, find links to the emails in the archive and write up a little sentence or two summary about that thread. Then send that summary email to! Congratulations, you've done your part to making indymedia function as an effective radical transparent efficent and democratic kick ass media network." this is a list where summaries of various working groups, meetings, listserves, and so on, are sent. supposedly it'll be more active in the future, following the project of regular summaries brought on by imc-commwork. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

spamtrap -> i don't know what this list is for. i think it was used to collect the spam blocked by spamassassin, but it looks like it hasn't been used very recently. maybe someone from the ListworkWorkingGroup could tell us more. 0 subscriptions

resolve -> " is a list to discuss and implement an indymedia network-wide conflict resolution plan. Please post an introduction when you join the list. People who don't submit intros after being asked will be taken off the list. Of course they may rejoin, but they must offer an introduction." this list is working. it's not being used for the purpose it was created for, but still it's working. 25 subscriptions

listwork -> "People on this list are working to coordinate the creation and management of the indymedia e-mail lists. To request a new list, please use the form at Check out the listwork wiki (es) (pt) for details on spam control measures and day-to-day listwork tasks." working fine. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

syndication -> "For now, this list is to discuss all aspects of syndication, including but not limited to coding, licensing policy and suggestions for format and content. If it gets too busy, we can break it up." working fine. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

imc-wsf -> "List for discussing and preparing coverage for World Social Forum III, 2003." This list is currently working at full pace. 75 subscriptions

imc-wsf-* ->* There are 6 more lists created to discuss wsf-related issues: imc-wsf-audio, imc-wsf-editorial, imc-wsf-photo, imc-wsf-print, imc-wsf-tech, imc-wsf-video.

private (gender-related) lists which are probably being used

imc-queer -> The current archive is only available to the list members. The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator. personally i have a problem with non-public archives. at least i'd like to know why they are kept private.

imc-women -> "This is a private discussion list for women involved in the IMC. Subscription requires moderator approval and subscribers must be a) female and b) working in some way with Indymedia. Thanks." The current archive is only available to the list. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

should be used

imc-print -> "Welcome the the IMC Print mailing list! This is the discussion list of the global print team ( For lay-out questions, please subscribe to imc-print-layout." dead at the moment. it's the list for the print working group, which used to put together those fancy print papers that people could download and print and give out. it needs to be revived, because it's a very important project. some proposals were made to move forward, but they haven't been put into practice yet, mostly because of the lack of volunteers. it will raise from ashes. smile The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

imc-print-layout -> "List for layout people involved in Indymedia print projects" it has been dead for a long time. it was used to discuss about print-edition layout. it might come handy if/when the print project starts again. although probably one print discussion list would be enough (there has never been too much traffic on imc-print). 18 subscriptions

sometimes being used

imc-news -> used to send out newsblasts.

imc-audio -> not much discussion going on. mostly spam, some announcements about local radios. The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

imc-pressreleases -> "When sending items to this list, please be aware that people in your email address book may not want their addresses in our archives. You may use bccs or other techniques to protect your friends' and associates' privacy." don't understand very well the purpose of this list. it looks like a place where people from outsite imc can send releases and announciations. looks kinda useless to me, but who knows... 21 subscriptions

imc-logistics -> "For anyone who is planning to come to DC and participate in coverage of the fall 2002 IMF/WB protests (September 26-29, 2002). This list will include discussion of logistical issues like security, press passes, staffing, dispatch, coordination of coverage, etc. It is a rotating list that various IMCs can use to prepare for major convergences, and that will allow them to draw on past discussions for ideas and blueprints." active now and then, especially during the preparation for widely covered events. can be useful and interesting. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

imc-documentation -> it was created a short time ago, to discuss about organizing imc-related documents. it has never been working, actually. dead list. there is the chance that it will get more useful in the future, if someone starts doing some work there. who knows... maybe allowing it some more time to start off would be good. 11 subscriptions

imc-dmwg -> the purpose of this list is not very clear. there have been some discussion going on sometimes, mostly stuff crossposted on process or other international lists. it looks like some archives are missing. or maybe no discussion went on during those months... who knows. 57 subscriptions

imc-unity -> "This is a email list for discussing the Principles of Unity as within the Charter for a Newtork of Independent Media Centers." not very active, but now and then some thoughtful discussions happen there. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

imc-trainings -> "The goal of the imc training list is to develop an indepth eductional curriculum that highlights the imc principles and values while also developing tutorials and other educational materials on the different technologies utilized by media producers using the imc sites." it looks like this list revives itself now and then. it's been quite active the past summer, but now it has been dead for months. The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

keyservers -> "By establishing a decentralised network of keyservers hosted by IMCs from around the world we make secure, trustworthy communication much easier for everyone involved with the independent media movemement. This list could also be used by anyone needing help getting started with using OpenPGP (GnuPG) and integration with websites and mailing lists." not very active, but still in use. 17 subscriptions

imc-women-tech -> "How can women get more involved in the tech side of things in indymedia and how do we cross the gender divide in terms of communication and appropriate technology? Let's talk!" not very active, but still in use. The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

imc-wireless -> Discussion of various wireless communcations projects. looks like this hasn't been used very much through time. but it also looks like it has been revived a bit in the last couple of months. 52 subscriptions

webcoders-cvs -> "A message is sent to this list every time someone commits a change to the active code (which runs and using our Code Versioning System (CVS). You can see which files were changed and the programmer's comments about the changes. This list defaults to digest mode, so that you will only get a message once they build up to 30 kilobytes. You can use your user preferences to switch digest mode off and be notified every time someone makes a change (warning: sometimes that can be a lot of messages). You can also browse the code in CVS. To discuss programming on the active code, please use the webcoders list. To subscribe to that list, send a blank email to The webcoders list is also used for announcements of new releases of active, usually including a summary of major changes in the release. The home page for the active code is at" this list hasn't been very active lately. it hasn't been active at all, actually. but since this is not a discussion list, i guess it doesn't matter a lot. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

translation -> "This list is for people wishing to work on translation issues on indymedia sites. Also see translation-devel, for tech talk on this subject. People on this list are developing the system by which translation team volunteers will translate things like Indymedia process documents and www.indy center column." lots of spam on this list, but it seems that it's being used. 101 subscriptions

www-newswire -> "Welcome. This is the e-mail list for the newswire working group, the group that applies editorial policy to the site's newswire." not very active, but still in use. 28 subscriptions

imc-africa -> Coordination between existing and future African IMCs. There was some discussion in Jan 2003. People from IMC Nigeria, IMC South Africa and IMC Ambazonia are subscribed and administer the list. not very active, but still in use. 15 subscriptions (03.05.2003).

imc-education -> "This list is for discussion of IMC work in the schools -- creating curriculum, workshops, etc." This list is almost dead (5 emails in the last 6 months), but being mostly an information list, there is the chance that it can still be useful. 89 subscriptions

mediapolitics -> "Thanks for your interest in the IMC media politics list. We are interested in creating a working group space where ideas and action can be generated around how to free the flow of information into the hands of the people. We will be amending this introduction as we begin to work. We are interested in being an active working group with a list facilitator (and lots of self-facilitation) and list etiquette. We are committed to supporting participation as much as possible while maintaining an environment and space of trust, inspiration, freedom and evolution. We want to find ways to reclaim the airwaves for the people and to create alternative patterns and models of communication that provide for ownership of communication technology and innovation to be held in local communities as much as possible. We are visionary and idealistic and we will not be stopped. Join us." Not the most active list i've seen, but it works. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

new list, just been created

volunteer -> "This list is for discussing global and local volunteer coordination, and for sharing best practices and procedures. * If you are interested in volunteering, please contact a local IMC, or visit: * Please note down this link: That is where we store all the information about this project." this list has just been created. 3 subscriptions

dead or "seems useless"

imc-presentation -> "For discussing design, layout, html and general web issues for IMC." dead list. no discussion at all. 13 subscription

imc-media-criticism -> "IMC-Media Criticism is the email list for the working group to produce IMC's media criticism e-zine, "The Strawman's Revenge." Discussion of other media criticism in the IMC universe is a natural part of this process, since "The Strawman's Revenge" exists to enhance the value of our universe. However, this list exists to facilitate working together, so participants are strongly encouraged to keep from drifting too far afield from that purpose." dead list. no discussion at all, only some random spam. 77 subscriptions

imc-editorial -> "People on imc-editorial have been working on issues such as the editorial policy for the news wire, and on broader issues related to how to present the content on the www.indy site." not much discussion going on. looks like a place where people can send complaints about stuff published on imc sites. most of the emails sound like "you suck your site is shit bla bla". some people confuse this list with www-features (and www-newswire). this list seems useless to me. The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

editorialpolicy -> "This list was created in summer 2001 as a forum for editorial volunteers from various IMCs to discuss the development of local IMC editorial policies. The list, which is closed to nonsubscribers, has been completely dormant since fall 2001. Questions should be directed to the list administrator (see below)." this list has been working only during may 2001. since then it's been almost dead (only a andful of emails every month). completely dead since october. 78 subscriptions

radio-headlines -> "This list serve is for the colaborative imc-radio project with the nationa radio project's live wire pilot news show" only spam. dead list. 19 subscriptions

feedback -> "A list for feed back about what the indy project is doing" looks like a place where all the feedback forms go to when they're filled in. very few of them, actually. looks useless to me. 4 subscriptions

caravana -> it worked a bit until may. then it's been completely dead. it has made its time, i guess. 20 subscriptions

antipatriarchy -> it has seen some traffic during august. completely dead since then. looks like it has been created to discuss some specific stuff. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

encuentros -> this list had been used to discuss the ford foundation grant proposal. the proposal has been officially rescinded so this list hasn't been used anymore. The subscribers list is only available to the list members.

rio10-summit -> "This is the Working (Rio +10 summit) e-mail list for the Johannesburg Summit 2002. 26th august - 4th sptember. Welcome." it worked a bit before the summit in joburg. completely dead since then. 17 subscriptions

imc-ideas -> This list serve is for people who want to talk about things indymedia could do. all the emails of this list have the same subject: [Imc-ideas] link submission and the same author: all of them are empty. honestly i fail to see the point of this list. as far as i can tell, it's useless. 27 subscriptions

imc-global -> "Welcome to the IMC Global mailing list!" i think this is supposed to be a discussion list on global issues. actually it's only spam and some random imc emails that go through most of the global lists (newsblasts, meeting invites, and so on). replies are a rarity. kinda dead, as far as i can tell. The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator.

imc-conferences -> dead for a long time. looks like it had been used to plan participation to communication conferences, or something similar. 39 subscriptions

imc-meetings -> this list has never been working. completely dead. 14 subscriptions

imc-video-ftaa -> looks like this list has never been very active. and anyway it's been completely dead for months now. 77 subscriptions

vote -> it has been used for a couple of months around the beginning of the year, but it's now defunct. (besides the fact that voting, in my opinion, goes against our principles of unity, so we should at least rename this list smile 6 subscriptions

translation-final -> i don't know the exact purpose of this list. there is no description. anyway, it's been dead for quite a few months now. only some random spam passing through. 15 subscriptions

translation-devel -> "This list is for people working on internationalizataion of the Indy Code. Cross between translation and webcoders lists, to keep some of the specific traffic in one place." defunct. 14 subscriptions

www-accessibility -> dead and buried. 8 subscriptions

imc-bid -> no description This list is dead, and it looks like it has never been really used. I can't even understand its purpose. ("bid" as in an auction? Maybe the purpose is for takeover bids by Rupert Murdoch, Berlusconi, George Soros, Lagardère, ... ? ;) 6 subscriptions

rainbow-imc -> "List for planning a Camp Indymedia at the 2002 National Rainbow Gathering." Defunct. It seems that really few emails have actually gone through this list. 16 subscriptions

-- ChangSing - 10 Apr 2003

local lists, misclassified here, comment to explain

imc-lakota -> "To inform the world of Native issues, to archive, document, and disseminate cultural and political topics. Sending smoke signals to the world." This list has just been created (december 2002) 9 subscriptions (03.05.2003) This is a local list for a new IMC, see NewImcRecentUSA
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