Welcome to our page of records from Indymedia Online Meetings (Help.IrcMeetingHowTo) meetings. This page contains topics for each meeting. Inside these are summaries, agendas, logs and whatever else is relevant. This page contains:
Please name new wiki topics as follows:
Irc+{ Month }+{ day }+NetworkWide+{ channel }+{ type } with the newest at the top. MeetingIntroductions (currently contains (all?) the intros from previous meetings)

Network Wide meetings (organised by CommworkWg)

Network Wide Tech Meetings (organised by ImcTech)

Network Wide Sysadmin Meetings

Other Meetings (self organized? wink

Regional Meetings

central/eastern europe

Local IMC Meeting Pages

  • next imc: link to meetings page
  • Seattle IMC: general | tech

[ BrandF 06 Jan 2003 ] i added 'local imc meeting pages' heading. move or remove it if you don't think it belongs here. smile [ ChangSing 05 Feb 2003 ] well yeah, actually i don't think it belongs here, but it doesn't really harm anyone so i think it can stay smile
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