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The software used by the global indymedia site is called mir and has the capability for different types of articles, as well as manipulation of an article from one type to another. This can be useful, e.g. when 'promoting' a newswire article to a feature or when changing a startpagespecial to a normal feature. This page attempts to explain what some of the different types of article are about with relevance to the global website (hence, there are also some ideas about when it is appropriate to post some types of article). Additionally, other imc's may wish to use to this page as well.

Explanations of article types

Startpage special

What is it?

A startpage special is a typ of feature article that appears top of the middle column, regardless of the date/time that it was posted. Compare this to (normal) features, which are published in chronological order.

When should it be used?

How do I write one?

Startpage specials are pretty similar to normal middle column features. However, one should bear in mind that it will displace all other features down the page. Thus, it is probably better if a startpage.special is short, with links to a number of relevant, in-depth articles, perhaps recent features on www.indymedia.org .

How do I post one?

The articles are posted in the same way as regular articles through the mir admin interface.

-- GarconDuMonde - 01 Jun 2004
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