IMC Bolivia is in the most difficult situation an imc can be in, and they need help.

Here is some Material that will help you help Indymedia in this situation.

At the moment IMC Bolivia needs money to pay for equipment. Other IMC's in Latin America need money to pay for the travels to Bolivia to help there. Here are some ideas how to make that happen.

  • ask for donations via paypal - put the banner on your website (translate the banner of imc germany (details below)
  • ask for donations to our account for imc bolivia - translate the banner and put it on your website - translate the text with details for money transfers, publish that and link the banner to it (details below)
  • translate this information in many EU languages and add the translations here! TranslationSpanish


Donations via Paypal

It is possible now to donate money a) for IMC Bolivia and b) for the families of the murdered online. Please add this information in a visible place on top of your websites.

IMC Bolivia : (short version) I&no_shipping=1&no_note=1&tax=0&currency_code=USD (large version)

FAMILIES: (short version) amiliares&no_shipping=1&no_note=1&tax=0&currency_code=USD (large version)

IMC Germany banner asking for Paypal donations - You can translate it and use in on your website!

Donations via bank account inside the EU

We have found a bank account with which we can collect donations. People might feel unconfortable giving their data via Internet or have no credit card. With this account it is possible to send money from other EU countries to the account in Germany without extra cost.

Please add this well visible on your site as well (if your readers are in the EU/have EU bank accounts!). You can also use a small banner and link that to a page with this, more detailed, information:

Please donate money for IMC Bolivia. You can make money transfers from any bank account inside the EU to this bank account without any extra costs. It costs exactly as much as making a money transfer in your country! All you need is a special money transfer form from your bank or use online facilities where they are offered, and fill in the IBAN no. ("International Bank Account Number") and BIC ("Bank Identifier Code"). And the amount of money, of course.

Translations: AccountBoliviaDE

The bank account:

Nachrichtenpool Lateinamerika (--> Owner)

Postbank Berlin (--> Bank)

IBAN no: DE78 1001 0010 0016 2641 08


Reference: "IMC Bolivia" -->this absolutely needs to be added somewhere in the form otherwise the money goes somewhere else!

ONLY ! from Germany:

Kto-Nr 16264-108 BLZ 100 100 10 - (statt IBAN + BIC) - Stichwort "IMC Bolivia"

  • Suggestions for Banners - please use them!

  • Bolivia Donation English GIF:

  • Donate Bolivia English PNG:

  • Donate Bolivia German GIF:

  • Donate Bolivia German PNG:

  • Donate Bolivia Espanol GIF:

  • Donate Bolivia Espanol PNG:

  • Donate Bolivia Francais GIF:

  • Donate Bolivia Francais PNG:

  • Donate Bolivia NL GIF:

  • Donate Bolivia NL PNG:

  • Please translate the banner text in as many languages as possible HERE

"Donate for IMC Bolivia" [en] | "Spendet f\xFCr IMC Bolivien" [de] | "Dons pour IMC Bolivie" [fr] | "Donaties voor IMC-Bloivi\xEB" [nl] | | "Donativos para CMI Bolivia" [es] |... so that banner designers can use the translations to make more banners.

Support for IMC Argentina to support IMC Bolivia

IMC Argentina is asking local imc groups to co-sign a 2nd proposal to imc-finance. Think about it and support it! Read the text here:

Support proposal to the global imc-finance funds

Ask your liaison to imc-finance to watch closely the development on the imc-finance list because tere might be more urgent proposals that need support within a few days

-- AnaPena - 17 Oct 2003 added spanish banner
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