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There was an effort to reorganise these pages on 24 Oct 2004:
  • these pages are currently restructured by libby and clara. please don't make any changes... there's a system in it.... but contact us through the new-imc list or in #newimc 24 Oct 2004

new name structure: all new-imc wiki pages should follow the a similar pattern for names: Newimc[Name][Language] like NewimcInfoEs


New Imc Working Group

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Hello. for more information on the New Imc working group, visit, or browse the archives of the New IMC Working Group. More documents are available through CurrentWebDocuments

  • the new-imc process
    • NewImcHowHelpUs - more or less the process as it is now
    • Probable or possible major shifts in the new-imc process, beyond what the new-imc working group is mandated to decide on:
    • controversies in the new-imc process
    • ImcRegionalisation - also relevant for other global lists
      • NewImcUK - United Kollektives decentralisation and new imc process
      • Oceania syndication site - Oceania sees itself as not an IMC, only as a syndication site - e.g. NewImc030826a - (as of 030920, stalled on imc-process?)
      • NewImcUSProcess - IMC US wants to be treated as "an IMC"
      • NewProject
    • NewImcBanningArc
    • visitor IMCs and domain names for IMCs which have no local collectives

  • Building Media Centres for major events:
    • Barcelona Document en | es | ca
    • Imc Germany (+UK) Document en | ge


-- PseudoPunk - 12 Jun 2002

How come there's that list if there aren't actually pages? It's a dandy list, but since the titles look like links (but aren't) shouldn't it be re-jigged, maybe as a list of suggestions? -- BenTrem - 07 Nov 2002

Dear BenTrem, the whole idea of TWikiFAQ is that people can put titles before they are actually filled out. WelcomeGuest to TWiki. -- BouD - 26 Dec 2002

added imc germany major reporting document -- IonNec - 23 Jun 2003

added a link to the Womyns Propsal -- DricaVeloso - 06 March 2004

updating contact database links -- BouD - 25 Dec 2005
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