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discussion Oct 2007

rough summary


r\xE9sum\xE9 - questions sur
  • les r\xF4les respectifs de imc-commwork et de new-imc par rapport \xE0 la base de contacts
  • qui a, ou qui devrait, avoir un acc\xE8s superutilisateur \xE0 la base de contacts, en th\xE9orie et en pratique ?
  • la centralisation vs la d\xE9centralisation
  • la the\xF3rie vs la pratique


different points/questions expressed so far include, with some tries at answers (this is a mix from different people's emails, so "I" means several different people):

  • Forgive my ignorance , but what is the group that maintains is it new-imc?? Or is it some other list?
    • local imcs each have their local contact person with a password for their imc
    • imc-commwork + some new-imc people have superuser passwords
  • Who should decide/how should it be decided which new-imc volunteers get a superuser password on the contact database? Should they become active in imc-commwork "independently" of their new-imc work?
    • If so, I think this proposal should go to that group.
  • Who should have superuser passwords on contact.indy? "I don't like giving superuser passwords away for" I do think there should be separate passwords for all of the imcs and the people involved in these should do it themselves.
    • In other words, in some sense we "force" new imc's to be more autonomous and not become dependent on superusers. (The concentration of the responsibilities is not always a good idea. Perhaps I do not include/understand very well the responsibility for a superuser.)
      • counterargument: I'm just involved in the new-imc group and i often see a long delay between the acceptance of some imcs and their integration into the cities list
      • How strict do we do this in practice when a new group does not have this "technical" ability?
  • new-imc + imc-commwork practical work together: As for the proposed themes (of a new-imc irc meeting): i think many of your questions are to do with our contact database, and it would make most sense to discuss it with people from imc-commwork. If we had more people working on the contact database software, and more new-imc people updating the database (e.g. we could consider all old applications older than 1 year, where we've heard nothing from them for 1 year, as being closed), then i think that might help partly with some of these problems. When/if i have time, i will volunteer some time.
  • I also have concerns if the current group (imc-commwork?)'s language is English, it may be more problematic than helpful to have some one with a minimal knowledge of it ... I know it sounds horribly racist but I am only thinking in practical terms - the same as it is not practical for some one who doesn't speak spanish to get involved in sindominio ... for instance.
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