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See NewImcVolunteers#Europe for new-imc volunteers for Europe. There's no strict boundary of "Europe" of course - simply geographical closeness should be enough.

CHECK: groups that have submitted their initial contact form: https://contact.indymedia.org/new_imc.php

recent (last few months) from West to East

Iberian region

  • CMI Illes
    • helper: AnA taking them Jan 07
    • process stalled as of Aug 07 ... AnA available for now then

United Kollectives

general process

existing recent applications




still organising



Slovenia (see also ImcCEEurope)

Estonia (see also ImcCEEurope)


Piter (St Petersburg) (see also ImcCEEurope)

Poland (see also ImcCEEurope)

  • Iceland - BliceroBlicero + ChangSing
      • put in contact previous iceland imc requester and present iceland imc requester
      • communication is dead after clearing out some misconception about indymedia
  • Romania - BouD
  • Galiza - JoAzine -
      • I asked for:
      • 1) Membership Criteria
      • 2) Confirmation of open publishing - OK
      • 3) Principles of unity
      • 4) Request them to open a Galiza e-mail list - Asked listwork as the form at http://newlist.indymedia.org is not working
      • 5) Mission statement
      • 6) Editorial policy
      • 7) Boud raised some questions regarding outreach
      • Proposed Internal Deadline to 21/Apr/2003 00h00m
      • **** APPROVED ****

  • Alacant. Nov 2004. AnA took them. now approved

Any others forgotten???

-- AnA - 11 Jan 2007 31 Aug 2007 about Illes
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