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This page is meant to help new IMC groups in the USA region and new-imc working group volunteers geographically close to find each other and coordinate and try not to get upset because of communication errors.

password access: quick TWikiRegistration or if you have the patience to RTFM: TWikiTutorial

new applicants + possible NewImcVolunteers#USA names

To any new IMC group : if you don't know how to contact the new-imc volunteer, or if he/she doesn't reply, just try emailing directly to (new-imc at lists.indymedia.org). While waiting, you can try just reading NewImcHowTo directly and following the suggestions, but you really should develop human contacts. Indymedia is about building people relationships. Try finding your geographically closest IMC and ask someone from there to volunteer to the new-imc working group if necessary. Help for experienced indymedia volunteers who want to do this is here: NewImcHowHelpUs.

The information here may well be wrong, out-of-date, or maybe never was in-date at all. So please correct it!

  • IMC Binghamton - After 18 months, we are back in-process (Aug 2004)! See (1) and (2) and (3) New-IMC liason is JaySand

  • IMC Lawrence, KS - Aaron

  • IMC South Dakota - Geoffrey ??
  • IMC Lakota (South Dakota) - Geoffrey ??

  • IMC El Paso - Nick
  • IMC Carbondale, Ill. - Nick/Meghan

  • IMC Alaska - Sheri

  • IMC Central VA - Jay

  • IMC Cincinnatti - ??
  • IMC NJ2 - No sponsor, in the very early stages of organizing.
  • IMC Central Mass - Still working on it - provisional site at: http://cmass.buffaloimc.org/
  • IMC Rhode Island - Still kicking, working on a drupal site.
  • IMC Louisville - ??
  • IMC Modesto, CA? - Meeting as part of Central Valley CA IMC group.
  • IMC Bloomington, IN - ??
  • IMC Montana - ??
  • IMC Worcester - They have been working and they stopped and now they are starting again. -- Gaba
  • IMC Harrisburg, PA -- Jay

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