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Determine if collective is really inactive

If your city is listed on yet the website is down, you should still determine if the collective is actually inactive or they are simply experiencing technical difficulties. You can do this by checking to see how long it has been down for. Also, try locating your city's mailing list at in order to contact old collective members and get an idea how long it has been inactive for through browsing the archive. While waiting for a reply, you can search with google to try and locate any issues with your city's IMC that might have arisen.

Re-organize or create new IMC?

After contacting old collective members, you should have a good idea whether you can re-organize with old members or simply go through the process of creating a new IMC. If there is still no response after two weeks or so (how long depends on what part of the world you live in, whether you're in a big town or a small town where things happen slowly, use your common sense for what's reasonable for your local communication conditions) and your city's IMC website has been down for a while, it is probably OK to begin the process of creating a new IMC. Upon joining the new-imc list, it might be a good idea to explain your situation.
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