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How to start a new IMC in the UK?

This page is to help clarify the new-imc process for UK IMCs. From May 03, new imc groups in the UK have several options:

  • To get their own URL and a link on the left hand column list of all imcs, they go through the global new-imc process. This URL can either point to a separate site (Expl Bristol) or to a page on the IMC UK mir (Lancaster hoped to do this, but have yet to set up page).

  • To maintain their own page on the IMC UK mir, they contact [imc-uk-network]. The process is not very formal yet, but new groups are expected to agree to the present consensus on collaboration and communication in the UK network. URLs are not yet decided.

Combinations of both options are also possible (Expl IMC Scotland). We are in the process to set up a UK-based new-imc process, in cooperation with the new-imc list, maybe simililar to the Italian model.

Global new-imc process - Ressources

<< NewImcHowHelpUs - the "global" new-imc process - for working group volunteers

<< NewImcHowTo - the "global" new-imc process - for a group starting an IMC

<< NewImc - startpage of this new-imc-working group twiki

<< New IMC website

A new-imc process for the UK?

comment to new-imc working group

I am forwarding a mail i just sent to the uk-network list that crosses over with the new-imc list. Please note that this process is still in discussion and when ready will be presented as a proposal to the New-imc list - we just wanted to give you all warning of what we are working on.

Together with this list we will have to work out how this might effect the global network and technical thinks like dns dirctions.

cheers tony

UK network: new-local-imc process ImcUKNewProcessProposal

Update: last weekend 22/23rd FEb 2003- the UK network met up in Lancaster to discuss how we could better work together. Groups from Lancaster, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, the South West, Wales and Scotland were present. The meeting included intros and training on a new base software (MIR) that could enable us to have local pages, with local newswires, subject catagories, and better admin. In principle the network agreed to move to MIR, tech and structure / design groups will be set up to handle the change over.

We also talked about creating a local process to establish new groups within the UK network. As we will be working on the same site there would be no need for small groups to go through the global new-imc process, but instead agree to some basic guidelines/principles of unity (a version of the global application). This way we can establish channels of communication, allowing autonomy for each local area while working together as a network.

This would entail all groups that want to work on the UK 'portal' site going through this process. First this process would have to be talked through on the global new-imc list, so everyone is happy with the results. Any group wanting to set up a separate new site in the uk would go through the global process as any other. We hope this will speed things up, and lessen the work at a global level, decentralise much to a local network.

To discuss this further - and to keep this list more info based - i suggest we use the uk process list to iron out any questions and objections

cheers for now


New-imc process for the UK - more discussion

on the [new-imc]: "Handing out local URL's through the IMC-UK network" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

"italy imc and local collectives" summary

on [imc-europe]: The May 03 archive has an extensive discussion on a "proposal for regionalisation of new-imc process of admission", which includes some thoughts about the proceedings in the UK.

more documentation on the Indymedia United Kollektives (IMC UK)

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