This page is to help new-imc volunteers sort out who's who and get to know each other, and of course it might also be interesting for people forming a new Indymedia collective, or for people worried that a small group of people is taking too much power in the network.

  • New new-imc volunteers : feel free to add your name, but please remove it if you later find you're too busy.

  • Old new-imc volunteers : feel free to remove your name, or shift it to the bottom, when you rotate out of new-imc and pass the role on to other people.

The first draft of this page is very incomplete. Please do not be offended if your name is missing and you have contributed to new-imc work. This is a TWiki and you are most welcome to correct it. The urgent thing is for the most active volunteers to be on this page.

password access: quick TWikiRegistration or if you have the patience to RTFM: TWikiTutorial

  • There are many others who act more quietly but still keep an eye on new IMC applications - the "lurkers" act as a safeguard, help in communication and make the process more collective and robust.


  • sphinx ImcAmbazonia
  • genex pays francophones (French-speaking places)
  • JoeTtx pays francophones (French-speaking places)
  • momo ImcNantes (french speaking places)

Latin America

  • Aaron (from Arkansas)
  • AndyMulkerin (from Pittsburgh)
  • Arc (from Ithaca)
  • Geoffrey (from Winnipeg)
  • Jay (from Philadelphia)
  • LisaNatasha (from San Franciso Bay Area)
  • Nick (from Houston)


West Asia/Eastern Mediterranean

South Asia, East Asia, South-East Asia, Oceania


Been there, done that

A very incomplete list of people who have helped out a lot at new-imc and have rotated this task on to others include dri (Latin America), sheri (US), tony (UK), rovin (getting us to self-document!), ...

-- AnA - 28 Sep 2006 took Frank (uk) off - he hasn't been in the UK for about 3 years now...
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