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Chrisc put forward an idea from imc-print for an ImcPhotos

The question is: how to figure out whether such a subdomain make sense, whether it is "really" an Indymedia site etc.

So far a couple of questions have been proposed, and maybe the group wanting this site could answer them and then we see whether the answers help us...

  • Which subdomain is requested?

  • What this subdomain is for: event / working group / etc:

  • short introduction:

  • if it is for an event or: for how long, and what will happen after the event?

  • Is this a global project? How to you enable people to join in globally? If it is not a global project: why can it not be done on the site of a local IMC?

  • Existing contacts with indymedia? Are people already engaged with Indymedia?

  • technical contact:

  • contact editorial group (or something comparable):

-- ClarA - 28 Apr 2004
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