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Meeting 10 October 15 GMT

  • find a structure that we can guarantee that all new collectives get a reply, and a sponsor
  • restructure wiki
  • roll call

Roll call & structure

we should do a roll call make an inventory of all the volunteers, where they live, which languages they speak and maybe also how much experience they have. Based on how many peopel we have, their geographical location and their experience, we can set up a system to divide the work.

Those who do not reply by sending a roll call should then be unsubscribed. Roll calls should be sent to the list, and we need one or two volunteers to deal with them. We also need more list admins.

For now we also should put all open applications on a wiki and add their spnsors (on a wiki). This might also help with those collectives who send their newimc form several times, or with two applications for the same region.

Roll call questions: nick/name, local-imc and where that is, languages spoken, numer of imc's sponsored, "area of expertise" ( like technical, editorial, impossible cases...), other info (like places that somebody is likely to travel)

Who should be on the list?
  • people who are actively involved in indymedia and who are willing to sponsor an IMC
  • just lurkers because they are demotivating in a working group
  • people from the new collectives should not join the list in order to follow up their application. All communication with and about them should be sent to their list anyway.

wiki pages

Regrouping of the wiki page is really necessary. Old pages with outdated info should be deleted. 2 or 3 people should get together with a proper task divison and restructure the site.
  • Start page with a good inventory: (1) general info for a new collective (2) list of new collectives and their sponsors, list of approved collectives (3) info for new collectives once they are approved (4) tasks of a sponsor (5) roll call of new-imc volunteers (6) info for groups who want to revive and existing IMC


  • We could make a rule to find a sponsor and to reply in 48 hours.

-- ClarA - 10 Oct 2004
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