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nick/name: ana local imc: uk languages spoken: spanish and english. imc's sponsored: galiza, canarias. currently sponsoring vienna. "area of expertise": none . i've done editorial work, especially hiding nazi, racist posts from my local wire. other: i travel to spain... not too often.

nick/name: Bill Huston

local imc: Binghamton, NY, USA (in process/provisional)

languages spoken: english

imc's sponsored: none, as we are still provisional, but we'd be glad to help now if that's possible. We've been "in-process" for 18 months, so we are very familiar with the process

area of expertise: computer/video tech stuff, bylaws/charter, USA non-profit incorporation

i'm momo, from Nantes Imc in fRance. I'm speaking French and English, so i can help for translation. I haven't sponsored an IMC yet, but i'm willing to do it. i was a lurker in the last IRC meeting cause i was (and I still am) a newby on that list and now i'm going to work on the documentation first and to learn how the group is working. About "area of expertise", i just want to say that technically i will not be able to help.

nick/name: Jay

local imc: Philadelphia

languages spoken: English.

imc's sponsored: in the past, oh so many. I'm sure I can dig up a list if anyone thinks that would actually be helpful. Right now I've been working actively with Binghamton and have been in communication with Columbus, OH and Harrisburg, PA. I've also been the first point of contact for a lot of US-based IMCs. I send them a response and, if they respond to me, keep communicating with them and/or find them someone to be their sponsor.

"area of expertise": general advice, mainly. Just trying to inspire people to do good organizing.

other: I haven't been doing much traveling lately. Mainly based in the U.S. right now.

Nick / Houston / English, gringo Spanish, activist Portuguese

I have worked with Rogue, am currently working with Big Muddy and I sent an email to Omaha to see if they needed some help

Peace N

nick/name: mp/martin

local imc: lancaster (screening group "KinematograpH") & uk

languages: danish, german, english

volunteered (carried a lot of boxes in Genova G8 IMC, 2001 and coordinated the organisation of the UK Networking meeting in Lancaster last year: which was the first step for UK IMC from a London collective to an Island wide network of collectives.

area of "expertise": done face-to-face workshops on IMC Communication channels and protocols for new IMCistas - have volunteered to do one in Manchester in two weeks as part of a "Reboot" outreach event.

no imc's sponsored, been following this list for a few years and made occassional comments. making films with

travelled a lot in asia, particularly india.


i'm aic/tulpje from imc-romania i speak romanian, english, spanish, french, german, italian.

we are still having quite a lot of work so i haven't sponsored anyone yet.


Kristen, Big Muddy IMC.

Big Muddy IMC 214 N. Washington Avenue Carbondale, Illinois

Forrest with Rogue Valley IMC, I only speak English I'm afraid.

Been involved with Indymedia projects since late 2002, I help run, have sent recycled computers to the Cancun WTO and Miami FTAA IMC spaces, and helped out at the Sacramento WTO IMC space.

IMCs sponsored: Bellingham (though activity seems to have nosedived as of late, and I've been real busy).

Area of expertise: sysadmin, linux stuff, wifi


my name is joel [nick name ttx \x96 imc-liege, be] volonteer since a little bit time in this list. I speak very badly English but wanted however to invest me in the global network. So I m propose to help for the creation of the new francophone imc. sponsoring : imc-grenoble, france. Actualy, sponsor of the imc-auvergne, france. Area of expertise : none, but i like to make streaming for video/audio & Tomatoes sauce with penne 41.

I am jocito, I am in the CMI of Lille (north af france) ( am volonteer since a little bit time in this list. Like joel my english is poor... but I propose to sponsor the cmi who speak french. So today I sponsor the cmi of Toulouse (France).


local imc: Ambazonia, Germany

languages spoken: English, French, German, spanish, Russian, Creole.

imc's sponsored: tried to help, Kenya, Egypt, Guinea, Algeria, Angola, DRCongo, Ambazonia "area of expertise": non

local imcs: imc-perth, imc-sydney, imc-oceania network, imc-asia-pacific network

lnaguages: english, basic tagalog, basic french

sponsored: imc-manila (helped), imc-burma (helped), imc-jakarta, imc-thailand (currently), imc-korea (currently)

My main focus is solidarity with IMC's in the asia-pacific region, and the forming network.

expertise: writing, editorial, organising.. networking.. wink

love+solidarity. ..wowi.

-- WoWi - 10 Mar 2005 -- AnA - 15 Nov 2004
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