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These pages are the collaborative "working documents" of the www-features working group.

General Info

The www-features and www-editoriales working groups are responsible for maintaining the features content of the global indymedia site, www.indymedia.org. Anyone may propose a feature: you don't have to be a member of a working group.


In December 2003, www.indymedia.org was moved to a new server. At the same time, it was also changed over to use a new codebase, Mir:


Translastions of www-features Call Out


Work to be done

There is still much to do following the migration to mir. A lot of work has already been done on languages and trying to turn www.indymedia.org into a truly multilingual site, but there is still work to be done.

  • Updating the start page: currently there are many links to outdated or incomplete information, for example the side panel menus. GlobalMenuIdeas contains links for all of these pages, or go directly to work on updating the links page.

  • WwwDesignSpec : somewhere to sort out the specification for the redesign of the www site

Ideas for development

  • What and how to translate www.indy?

  • New layout: currently step 1 collecting ideas and priorities for functionality

static page

the following pages should go on a static page

Other stuff...


  • a 'sandbox' area for features in the making - WorkPad


There hasn't been an irc meeting since July, 2004: minutes

But there was a global features 'work party': WwwFeaturesWorkingParty1

Currently, there are plans for a 'working bee' to happen on Saturday, 15th January 2005 from 00:00 GMT to 23:59 GMT. We shall use the #features channel on irc.indymedia.org (use chat.indymedia.org if you can only access via the web) to coordinate, and try to use the wiki to update documentation, draft new links pages, work on the design of the site.

NOTE: this will be a working session, not a planning meeting - although there will be room for discussion of other issues affecting the global indymedia website and the functioning of the collective.

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