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www.indy has now migrated to a new software Mir. It is quite user-friendly, but nevertheless here is a basic introduction and an explanation of the relevant differences.

The features in the centre column on the global Indymedia site are on issues of relevance to the global Indymedia audiance. They are ususally composed by members of the www-features collective. They are either 'compilations', which typically cover an event or issue that occurs simulataneously in different locations and are covered by several local IMCs, or 'syndications', features taken completely with little changes from a local IMC. A lot of other features from local IMCs are displayed in the right column.

Features can be proposed by everyone. Please check on the How-to propose and post a feature if you want to propose a feature or if you need help in posting it.

Work on features, collection of resources etc can be done at FeatureWork.

The www-features collective is always looking for new members. Check on features roll call to see who is working on features. Especially if you feel that a specific region is systemactically left out, it could be due to a lack of active members keeping an eye on that region or due to a lack of the appropriate language skills. Please join us at to fill those gaps.

We are working on ideas for translations. Untill this issue has be resolved on a more structural levels, features can be in all languages, but need an English summary. If you want to submit a translation to a feature please post it on the newswire, and send us an email about it so that we can link it. Please check FeaturesTranslationCoordination for more details in future.

Get your UpcomingEvents listed.

There is a plan to migrate the global site from Active to Mir, this is being documented on WWWMigration.

Translations (suggestions) to add a translation to an article from the start page a user has to click on the "read more" link right now. We may need to update the read more link to reduce the aminguity of the add a translation option...perhaps we could change the text to "read more or add a translation"

meetings - check for you local time

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