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The Tech Solidarity Project works to ship containers of computers to indymedia centers and social movements in the global south to build popular communication capacity. Our first shipment has arrived in Quito and should be coming out of customs soon. A second shipment of computers is ready to send to southern south america. We are currently raising funds and working on paperwork for this second shipment.

Please donate some money to help us cover shipping costs via pay pal.

Dan from the SF imc came over and did a nice little interview which you can watch with real video. There was a little piece posted over at kuro5hin about the project. There is a two page story at Looks like they're be something up at oneworld on monday.

Project Updates (Argentina/Brazil/Uruguay project, early 2003)

The single most consistent request from indymedia activists in the global south is for computers and media making equipment. Even though the internet and computers are reshaping the world they are only doing it for those who have access to the equipment. For the past two and a half years indymedia has prided itself as a network which takes the tools of media and communications and puts them in the hands of people working for social change. For this mission to become a reality we need equipment. Computers play a central role in all media making and communication today. At the same time thousands good working computers are thrown out because they are a year or two out of date. This project thinks big and is attempting to not only solve the needs of a single organization but to build capacity across the breadth of the movement for a just society.

By working with the Alameda County Computer Recycling Center ( and Freegeek ( in Portland, we have found a free source of recycled computers. ACCRC & Freegeek take used computers and refurbishes them for non-profits, the poor, and educational institutions around the world. We are organizing our own labor to test the incoming boxes and put together the parts into useable systems with a Spanish language version of Linux installed. From there the ACCRC will load them up on to pallets and in to the container for shipping. Once the container arrives our south american partner organizations will work with a customs import agent to get the boxes through customs. Once the boxes arrive we will be able to supply computers to a bredth of the media activist and social movement community. To avoid the mistakes of past projects shipping computers we are working on putting together short workshops introducing the people and organizations receiving computers on basic use.

Provisional Budget:  
Computers, monitors, printers, etc...  $0 (paper value $100,000) 
Shipping Container from Oakland to South America  $2500 for 20 foot container 
 $2800 for 40 foot container 
Shipping in country and Customs  $3000 (guess) 
Trainings and training material  $500 
Shipping and storage within the US $1000
Total cost:  $7000 to $6300 

For more information and to talk to us about this project please email Right now we need project funding more than anything else.


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