indycollage_shout.gif Summaries List ( subscribe | archive ) This list is for keeping the network better informed about goings on in indyworld.
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How to write a good summary - (Best Practices)
  • An email from Sheri containing many good examples of past summaries that were appreciated and successful. here it is
  • SumBestPractices has some questions to consider when writing a summary

  • SumFormLetters - texts designed to be used again and again.
  • SumWishList - ideas for this project that haven't reached out 'todo' list
  • SumToDo - ideas that someone is currently working on
  • We have started a SumFaq - email us if you have more questions.
  • SumMeetings - minutes and logs from our meetings.
  • SummariesIndex - the start page for people reading our digests


We look forward to answering your questions. You can email the list directly at or contact one of the coordinators.

rovin (dlit010 at
skidz (skidz at

Some of RovinNZ s notes about this project SumIdeas -- RovinNZ - 25 Nov 2002
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