Upcoming Events on www.indymedia.org

The global indymedia site has listed upcoming events and actions for a while. This is a first attempt at providing real documentation about how to get the action your imc is planning on covering up there.

There is no set process for how the upcoming events get updated but generally they are done in a batch every couple of months at the same time that the listings on http://protest.net are updated. In addition to whole sale updates of the listings, often various techies with access to Stallman go in and add or remove entries as needed.

To get your event listed send an email to www-features@indymedia.org asking to be listed. To reduce the back and forth you should make sure you include the necessary critical information.

  1. You must have a short (very short) name for the action or event being covered. We don't have much space so we need to try and get the single word which will indicate what the protest is about. People can click on that single word to get more information.
  2. A link to information about the event or action. Ideally this would be a nicely designed and regularly updated action website. If that doesn't exist, then simply an article on your indymedia site or a call to action will do.
  3. Location of the event. I know this seems obious but remember we are a global network and as such we probably aren't aware of your local geographical area.
  4. Name of the imc which will be covering the action. Yep, this upcoming events list is for events that indymedia centers will be covering. If there isn't an imc covering your event you should contact a local imc or start a new one.
  5. Date of the actions. We try and keep the upcoming events list to a reasonable length so we only include actions coming in the next couple months unless they are really big ones. The complete list is of course listed on http://protest.net and as the date approches it can be added to the indymedia upcoming list.

Once you get all five bits of information together in a short and clear email send it to www-features@indymedia.org. In general once an action is requested to be listed on www.indymedia.org it will also get added to the featured actions on protest.net

For techies who want to know the details, the upcoming events are located on stallman.indymedia.org in the /www/mayday/local/includes/upcoming_events.inc
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