Because of some conflict that came up over material borrowed from one Indymeda site and used at another, I wanted to start a list of "good practices" for borrowing and sharing material between collectives.

Please edit and add to it.

Good editorial practices when borrowing other Indymedia material:

  • If you borrow material that is published for open use, site the creator/author and source.

  • If you use the work, use the whole thing. No editing and putting words in any author's mouth (libel).

  • Don't borrow without permission if the author has held onto some or all of their rights. Sites using the newest version of Dada use Creative Commons' designations. Other code bases leave it to the author to be clear if they want to put restrictions on the material they post.

  • Let authors make whatever restrictions they want in order to feel good about contributing to whatever Indymedia collective they choose to submit media to.

  • If an Indymedia activist or collective asks you to remove something they've published or that was borrowed (rightly or wrongly), respect that request without vilifying them.

  • If an Indymedia collective borrows your material when you haven't explicitly included instructions not to, don't vilify that collective.

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